November 4, 2010

Extreme Makeover: The Reveal

As most of you know, Joe volunteered through his company to work on the plumbing for an Extreme Makeover house that was built here in Louisville a few weeks ago. I’ve written posts detailing his experience and the progress of the home, with exception to the last day when the family came home.

Sorry I’m so behind in posting this. We weren’t able to make it to the reveal, so I was waiting for pictures to be posted by the homebuilder. Even though we weren’t able to see it in person, watching the footage on the news of the family seeing the home, and seeing the house itself completely finished, was wonderful for me and I want to give those of you following along that same “closure”.

If you missed the posts or want to look back at the process, here are some links:

Extreme Volunteering

Day One

Day Two

Days Three-Five

On Thursday (Day 6) the Lampe family was due to arrive home. The reveal was scheduled between 2-5pm. I believe it was closer to 5 that they finally were able to come home and see what had been going on the last week that they were gone.

Here are some pictures from the Elite Homes extreme makeover website of the finishing touches being put on the house… IMG_6900 IMG_6902

Taking in the furniture…IMG_7034

Check out the tree house they built in the backyard!IMG_6927

Waiting for the Lampe’s to drive upIMG_7161

Here they come… IMG_7165IMG_7121

Move that bus!IMG_7183


Their reaction. To know that my husband had a small part in making this family’s life better is amazing. IMG_7194IMG_7201

Time to see the inside! IMG_7224

If you are living somewhere that an Extreme Makeover house is being built, I highly encourage you to volunteer. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. If they ever come back here (and there is already talk of that!), I am planning on going out and getting my own hands dirty this time!

I can’t wait to see this episode! I will definitely let you all know when it is going to air as soon as we find out.

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Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

wow - that must have been an amazing experience for your family. thank you for sharing!

-stephanie- said...

What an awesome house! Love the treehouse. How cool that Joe got to be a part of it.

Katy said...

Oh wow! That house looks like disneyland!

Trish said...

how neat. I can't wait to see the inside. They have built 2 houses here in NC that were less than an hour away from me. One in Raleigh and one in Jamesville....both were amazing!

While we were building our house 4 years ago I kept waiting for their bus to pull up and help us out(since we built it our selves without a contractor).....but.....they never did! :O(

Vicky said...

Very cool house! Can't wait for the show... ours and then yours :) How fun to have this to look forward to :)

Angelina Raven said...

I am sitting at work and just starting crying in front of my students. What a wonderful story and what a great experience. Thank you for letting us into your world!

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