November 1, 2010

Q and A with the Stars

I recently sat down with the stars of Dirt and Lace. They were in a very silly mood, as you will see.

2010-08-22 20.08.57

Tell me a funny joke:

S- Ok umm. Whats a man who has apples had grapes and apples and cheerios and stars in the sky and a cabinet and a shelf and a hat and a purse and a bird and drinks on his head?

me- I don’t know, what is he?

S- A Cartley?

Me- What is a Cartley?

S- Like a lightbulb is cartley?

C- Ice cream had bananas and grapes and strawberries and blueberries and marshwewwows. and apple slices and hair-dos and noses I cook and eyes I cook and eyeballs I cook and computers I cook and candy. And that’s all my jokes!

How do babies get in mommy’s tummies?

S- Crawl in. No. I don’t know!

C- Ummmm they just grow in there.

How big are your feet?

S- I’m gonna count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. Seven, Mommy!

other foot..

S- 1..2..3..4..5..Five!

C- (Points to her toes)… Big, little, little, little, little.

What is your favorite thing to do?

S- Play and have fun with toys and play music. And watch TV shows. Learn my colors, what they are.

C- Play with my worms. Just eat them and put them on lights and flowers and lunchboxes…

What is your favorite food that I cook?

S- Chicken pasta or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And hair. And hands and computers and tables. That’s what I eat. Tables and worms. Mommy, I eat worm cake!

C- Ummmmm marshwewwows and barbecue. (I think I’ve only made barbecued anything twice since she was born.)

What do I do all day?

S- Work. Watch TV. Fold clothes. Watch more TV. Watch The View. Turn on kid shows for us, that’s nice. Turn on movies for us. Take us outside. Type stuff that we make jokes from. And umm, you kind of work somehow. You take me to school. Take us to the park. Read books and clean glass… like mirrors. Do the dishes. Ok I think that’s it. No it’s not. You clean my ears with a vacuum. You brush my teeth. You give me a bath. Brush Harley’s hair. Water flowers. And um, eat food.

C- Cook dinner. Work. Fold clothes. That’s your work.

What does Daddy do all day?

S- Works. Plays his game. Opens the windows. And work some more.

C- Um, works. Run water.

Is there anything you want to tell Dirt and Lace readers?

S- I don’t know, who’s reading?

Me- All kinds of people.

S- Ok. Painted. Painted floor.

C- Ice cream had a shop. Ice cream went to the store and bought some rice krispy treats.

Yes, my life revolves around these two crazy little girls!

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Mary said...

lol that us so cute and random! I love the answer on what you do all day. You have some fun little gals over there :)

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i just voted -- hope this helps.

your girls are HYSTERICAL... i love the "you kind of work somehow".

Lana said...

So cute and brave of you to share! ;-) Too funny! I'm going to go vote right now!

Brandi said...

LOL gotta love kids. Mine make my life so much better :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

They are so cute and funny!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! My favorite is "clean my ears with a vacuum"!! So cute.

Lori said...

"And ummm. You kind of work somehow." Love that one! And apparently folding clothes is your main job! lol

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