February 13, 2012

Homemade Crib Mobile… Owls and Stars

When I was planning Jace’s nursery, I knew I wanted it to be unique, clean, and somewhat modern. I didn’t have a specific theme in mind, just colors – a dark teal, and white.

It took me a really long time to choose bedding. After a lot of thought and hours on Pinterest and Etsy, I decided that a plain white crib sheet and bedskirt were the way to go. Since bumpers were out of the picture due to the increased risk of SIDS using them creates, and I wanted a clean look in the room, it made sense to keep it simple.

Without a theme or bedding set, and with the challenge of creating a unique, clean, and modern look in the room, I knew we needed to get creative with the crib mobile. I’d spent some time on Etsy looking at handmade mobiles and didn’t see why I couldn’t make one myself. I employed the help of my mom and aunt Susan, and we got to work over the next several weeks creating an owl and star mobile.


All the materials were purchased at Hobby Lobby… dowel rods, little hooks, felt, stuffing, and embroidery thread.


It looks so cute in there. I’m going to get a few better pictures tomorrow, from farther back in the room to get a better perspective, and I’ll add it to this post, so check back!


Here is a felt pillow I made with our first “test owl”. So cute!



Susie said...

What a cute idea and great job done!!

D said...

That is awesome!

Trina Curran said...

Oh, my goodness. That is just so cute. I love, love, love owls. If I had another nursery to plan, I would probably do it with owls. It looks so cute! And I love the simplicity.

Missie said...

Too cute!

Mom of M&Ms said...

sweet nursery!!!!

Holly said...

i love it!!

erwicker said...

It is so sweet!

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