November 5, 2010

Brain Thoughts

The newer my kids’ clothes are, the dirtier they get them.

I have a really bizarre fascination/slight obsession with Sister Wives.


A month ago I let my arm hair grow out after shaving it off every other day since 7th grade. That’s 11 years of arm shaving. I was weird and self-conscious about my arm hair as a kid. It was a dark color and I felt like it was longer than everyone else’s. Now, it’s still dark and I feel like it’s longer than everyone else’s, but I’m too old and busy to care, and I save 5 minutes in the shower!

We weighed the girls’ Halloween candy. 14 and a half pounds… most of which is going to be put through my digestive system in the next few weeks.

IMG_2682editI took these pics a few weeks ago… Camryn had dropped a toy down from the top bunk and it hit Summer in the nose.

Summer and Camryn are both going through “stages” right now. Moms, you know what I mean.

Yesterday I had a vision of chocolate-dipped bacon and now I must have some. I WILL make this happen in the next few days. No, I’m not pregnant.

One of my best friends, Erika, is due to have her baby girl in about 4 weeks. I can’t wait!

Joe is going hunting on Saturday. And probably all next weekend, too. And maybe even the weekend after Thanksgiving. Ugh. But, I must be the supportive wife. Thank goodness this is only one month out of the year.


I changed my layout again. I know, what’s new? If you’re in a reader you should hop over and check it out. Let me know what you think. And if it looks okay on your computer. I never know if the layout translates well to another screen size.

I do not want this to turn into a review blog at ALL, but I do have a review for tomorrow for this really awesome brand of all-natural hand sanitizer. I’ve been using it for a week now and love it. Stay tuned for that… because I know my opinion on hand sanitizer is SO important to you.


Some time last week, the child-safety lock that I had put on the girls’ closet to keep them from getting into it got lost. I figured it would turn up, and I hoped that they had forgotten how fun throwing all their clothes around their room was, so I didn’t think much about it when I still hadn’t located the lock a few days later when I put them in their room for “quiet time” (AKA “Mommy needs a minute to gather her brain matter back up and stick it back in her head so she can function” time). I checked on them 30 minutes later and their clothes were in a huge pile in front of their closet. Not just the ones that had been hanging, but everything from their dresser, too, since their dresser is inside their closet. I got mad and asked them why they did something so bad when they knew they weren’t supposed to. Summer’s response?

“You know Mommy, if you would just find that white lock thing to put back on there, we wouldn’t be able to get into the closet to make a mess.”

Of course.


gomillion and one... said...

You crack me up and make me smile no matter what you post. Thanks!

Kaileigh said...

LOL, love the tidbits :) I used to shave my arm hair too (even though it's like white blonde), just because my friends were. I have to admit though, sometimes I still look at it and think... hmm maybe I should at least trim them? LOL

And I get the obsession with Sister Wives (though I fell behind on the show), I'm fascinated with the whole subject and not entirely sure why...

Kaileigh said...

& love the new layout too!!

Susie said...

Love the random thoughts!!

-stephanie- said...

I was just remembering last night when my girls emptied their closet and drawers all over the room. Then I come here and read that your girls did the same thing. :oD
Summers response was funny. :o)

Love the bug photos.

Bernadette said...

you are too funny!
i never actually shaved my arms but I do trim the hair down to a "normal" length with Chris' beard trimmer. I do it once every few weeks.
lol @ the quiet time definition! ..we have quiet time too.
...and why did I never think of LOCKING the closet?!

your layout looks great :)

Kristina said...

omigosh I'm totally obsessed with sister wives. It's just so wrong and foreign I can't help but watch.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

The first line you wrote is oh so true!
And, okay, that is a lot of candy!!!

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