September 18, 2009

"Thank God it's Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday..."

Camryn isn't feeling well. She got a fever yesterday, and it has gone up and down since then. Medicine helps, and there hasn't been any vomiting or diarrhea, so we aren't calling the doc yet. I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour bug.

We went to a local parade yesterday evening. It goes past the end of my parents' street, so as usual we went to their house and walked up and got a spot. The girls were entertained the whole time and got lots of candy. Camryn was pretty out of it and spent the whole time on my lap but she still seemed to enjoy it.

This weekend is our local festival. Tons of booths, fair food, and music are going to be just a mile from our house, today-Sunday. We're going to go this evening as a family if Camryn is up to it, and then tomorrow night the girls are going to spend some time at my parents house and Joe and I are going to go alone with some friends. It should be a fun weekend, but I'm a bit worried about Camryn so we're playing everything by ear at this point.

And now for some comic relief, brough to you by

Please visit that website if you want a good laugh. There are many more pictures where those came from, and they have the most hilarious captions underneath them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Bernadette said...

I hope Camryn feels better..and y'all get to go and have a good time at the fair.

...LMAO @ people of walmart. i love walmart @ 3am :)

-stephanie- said...

Hope your little one gets well soon. I just went through the same thing with Phoebe.

Your Walmart pics make me feel better knowing I can go there with no make up and grubby clothes. Yikes! :oD

Molly said...

Those pics are so funny!

Hope Camryn feels better. Cooper has had the flu this week. Fever and no other symptoms for 3 days, then diarrhea with the temp for another day. It really wasn't that bad except for he got dehydrated, so get some pedialyte! Yesterday I had to do 1 tsp every 3 minutes. He is all better today!

Ms.Emily said...

omgeez! people of walmart...eeek! lol! I was there yesterday and happened to wander into the garden section...was looking for some cute pots to transplant the mums and couldn't find anything cute...our walmart stinks! I need to go shopping with you seriously haha~

I hope that Camryn feels better soon! Have fun this weekend


ps love the new layout~super cute! :)

gomillion and one... said...

Those are some of my faves!

Susie said...

Hope Camryn is feeling better so you can enjoy your weekend at the gaslight festival. We plan on going tomorrow evening also.

Brandi said...

I hope Camryn feels better. I love that Walmart website. I laugh everytime I look at it LOL

Stephanie said...

I hope Camryn feels better soon!!!!!!

Those pictures are hilarious! I've never seen anything like those before....I'm a people watcher wherever we go so this is too funny!

Kristine said...

Hmm, nice.

GWS, Camryn!

Holly said...

Aw, feel better Camryn!!
Those walmart pics are hilarious!! hahahaha

Bridgett said...

Hope Camryn's feeling better!

And I tell ya, those people of Wal-Mart are LOL


Chantelle said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and that there are no sick babies in the house! :)

Stephycce said...

I'm way behind in blog reading :)
LMAO at People of Walmart :)


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