September 16, 2009

Facebook Confessions

Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating on my blog when I update my Facebook status. Because of the convenience, I share way more details about my life there than I do on here, as I'm sure many of you end up doing. I also noticed that I am way more open and honest on Facebook than I am on my blog, and I think that needs to change, because the whole point of having a blog is to be open and honest! I thought I would pick some of my recent updates to share with you, for those that don't have a Facebook or are not my "friend" there. (Feel free to add me, the link to my profile is on my sidebar.)

9/10 at 1:58pm - So... my girls' check-up today went really well. Besides the finger pricks and shots. Summer kept yelling, "THAT LADY HURT ME!" after the nurse left. Doctor said they are both healthy as can be and perfect developmentally. (I meant to post about their check-ups, but there wasn't much to share... I am blessed to have two very healthy, smart, happy girls!)

9/11 at 10:46am - 8 years ago today, I was sitting in health class when my teacher turned on the TV. Taking a moment to remember. (Talking about September 11. I'll never forget.)

9/11 at 2:30pm -
Summer played Marco Polo with some guy in Target. (She randomly called out, "Marco!" when I was looking around in the book section. Some guy somewhere in the store answered, "Polo!" This went on for 15 minutes.)

9/11 at 7:41pm -
Why do I have the urge to get stuff done around the house that I need Joe's help with the one weekend he is away? (Always happens that way, doesn't it? Joe went bow hunting on his dad's land this past weekend. Didn't get anything.)

9/11 at 11:21pm -
It's ok... I'll just spend my night watching Katt Williams. (Love him! Hilarious.)

9/12 at 2:05pm -
My to-do list: Shower, clean and vacuum the car out, clean up the huge mess of scrapbook paper and ribbons all over the office that my lovely kids made, fold clothes, force myself to put folded clothes away, clean up spilled cheerios in the basement.... I'm sure I'll come up with more. (I got to the shower, the car, and the Cheerios that day.)

9/12 at 3:44pm -
So... my cell phone just broke in half. (Yes, my cell phone was decapitated. And no, one of the kids didn't do it, it was just old. I think I might finally be getting a new one today.)

9/12 at 5:59pm -
Gotta love it when you are working hard outside and your new neighbor brings you a beer.................. and then your daughter sprays your white t-shirt with the hose while you are talking to them. (At least I was wearing a bra.)

9/13 at 2:00pm -
Summer just pointed to a picture of Megan Fox and asked if it was me. LOL. Yea right, but thanks, kid! (Maybe if I got a boob job and a nose job...)

9/13 at 9:28pm -
what kanye west just did to taylor swift makes me want to throw up. (I don't think I was alone on that one.)

9/13 at 11:23pm -
1. Kanye was kicked out. SCORE. Good riddance, douchebag. 2. Pink is amazing. 3. Beyonce made me feel better, I love her now. 4. Lady GaGa: You are weird, and scare me a bit. I don't appreciate your ridiculous costumes at all. Stop encouraging her, people. (Self-Explanatory.)

9/14 at 11:52pm -
Loving how our house is worth $41,000 more than what we bought it for. (According to

9/15 at 12:24am -
Re-reading "A Child Called It". (And finished it that same night. I love that book.)

9/15 at 2:15pm -
I don't believe in fake flowers. (Don't hate me, fake flower lovers. I just prefer real ones.)

9/15 at 8:24pm -
Just spent the last hour walking up and down the street, because Summer learned how to ride her tricycle!!! (YAYYYYYY!!!!! I am so proud of her!!!)


Little Ladybugs said...

I totally understand what your saying about facebook.. It is easier to write a few sentences then it is a whole post. You took a lot of post and turned into a great post... way to go..

Susie said...

I enjoy reading your blog and your facebook.

Holly said...

Yeah, you can learn a lot of little things about me on FB. Random, family things. Stupid things. Funny things. lol

I thought the Marco Polo one was so funny!!

-stephanie- said...

I don't do facebook so this was interesting to read. I thought I was the only one who HATES to put folded laundry away. Maybe it's a Stephanie thing. ;o)

Bridgett said...

I saw most of these....facebook rocks.


Stephanie said...

Well like I told you I am guilty of this also. It's so much easier and quicker to look at facebook and see little blurbs. I am so behind on reading blogs right now and that always stresses me out!

Stephycce said...

Liked your explanations next to them :)


Sew Cute!! said...

I am bad about reading everyones blog and facebook and not updating my own!!
I am trying to get better about leaving comments though! I still havent reached the "comment on every blog you read" level, but Im getting there!

EmilytheCreative said...

I totally can relate. I feel like I neglect my blog so much more now that I'm on Facebook.

Amanda said...

Sent you a friend request.. I never update my blog anymore! Who has time when facebook is so easy??

Karen said...

Totally guilty of this too! I'm usually online with a baby in my arms, Face Book is way easier to update then the blog is when I'm one handed!

Molly said...

So funny! I update alot more too, since I can do it from my phone, and it only takes a second. Do you tweet?

prashant said...

I totally understand what your saying about facebook.

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Tiffany said...

I think Facebook is the reason my blogs have gotten dusty this past month. That needs to change! ;)

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