September 22, 2009

Short Answers by Short People

To join in, just ask the following 5 questions to the kid(s) in your life. Post their answers on your blog, then visit Rear Window to link up so we can read the brilliance of the child's mind!

Summer, age 3, and Camryn, age 2

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

S: Points to books shelf. That.
Me: Anything else?
S: No.

C: Daddy.

What do trains carry?

S: They have wheels.
Me: But what's in them?
S: Hmmm. Can you tell me?
Me: Well, I want you to guess first.
S: Ummm... I'm thinking, Mommy.

C: Me! Points to Summer. Maybe you.

What does a Sherriff Police Officer do?

S: They fix things. Like, not trains.

C: Pick me up. (They better not, young lady!)

Where does the gas station get the gas?

S: Ummmm, you tell me.

C: In the mailbox.

If you could do whatever you wanted for a whole day, what would you do?

S: I have hair in my nose!
Me: Laughing
S: Mommy... NO, that was not funny!

C: In the grass.
Me: What would you do in the grass?
C: I don't know!


Stephanie said...

Haha those are funny! Bless her in her nose..don't you just love what they come up with.

Hope everyones feeling better around your house!

-stephanie- said...

Love these. Here's hoping that "C" stays away from getting picked up by a police officer. :oD

Linda said...

Cute answers. I have hair in my nose too! (smile)
What do Sheriffs do? Eat Donuts? that's City police.

Oh it would be fun to be a child again,...just thought I'd pretend I was answering the questions!

Have a great day.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Susie said...

I just love these cute post.

Karen said...

"I have hair in my nose!" haha too funny!!

thanks for the suggestion of the book "Dog Heaven" someone else mentioned the same one. We're gonna get it!"

PunkRockChic said...


Olivia said...

Haha, those were way too cute. :D

I loved "in the mail box"! I wasn't yet aware that gas stations had their gas shipped to them. :)

Brandi said...

LOL your girls are so funny :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

When my oldest was 2 he always used to say "You tell me". Ha! Precious!

Chantelle said...

Theses are always so cute!! I wish I could do them but Caleb would look at me like I'm nuts, and Emma is 6, so she'd just give me a smart alec answer LOL

Bridgett said...

She just discovered that nasty old hair, huh?
Just wait until other body parts start getting hair! LOL

I just love these posts.

Hannah said...

That is hilarious!!

JC said...

you always make me smile. THANKS!!! Jennifer

Tiffany said...

LOL "I have hair in my nose!" ;)

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