December 20, 2008

A Short One

I have been MIA because I haven't had anything at all to write about. We've just been going about our daily business, waiting for Christmas. Joe and I went to Garden Ridge last night to do some shopping. We got a bunch of 4x6 picture frames. Our mission is to take a great picture of the girls today, got to Walgreens and print off 10 of them, put them in the frames, and wrap them up in time for my dad's side of the family's Christmas party tomorrow.

Yesterday's weather was totally bizarre. I put on a hoodie and went out to get the garbage can and recycling bin to put them away, and I was HOT. For a split second I actually thought I was dreaming. It didn't last long though. By the time I took the girls outside to play a hour or so later, we needed heavy jackets.

The house is a mess, Xavier will be here in a few hours, and the kids need baths before we attempt to do the pictures. I guess I'd better go do something productive. Have a great weekend!


Bridgett said...

Boy, I hope you have better luck with the pictures than I did! LOL
My kids are nearly impossible to photograph together.

Have a great day!


carolinagirl said...

Good luck with your photo shoot. At 5 and 7, my boys rarely cooperate! Have a great weekend too!

Leslie said...

Hey girl. Im glad you updated i
was wondering how u all are doing ;) Glad u all are ok and got more shopping done. I think thats a great idea hun to take pics of the girls, put them in frames give them to your family. Awesome idea hun :) The family will love it for sure ;) Oh and thats crazy about
the weather. Its kind of like that too here well sort of. It can be hot one day lately then the next day cooler, uggh thats fl for u, lol. Take care girl. Have a good Sunday! Leslie

Missie said...

I love the pictures of you and the girls!

I hope you got some nice shots for the frames.

Enjoy your week.

Terri said...

Love the pics...too cute!

Hope you got some great shots for the frames...I think photo gifts are great!

This weather is crazy...friday was like 67 at one point...and today I woke up to 8 degrees! It might have reached 20 today...too cold for me

Merry Christmas!


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