December 15, 2008


As promised, I've been taking tons of pictures with my new camera. I'm really happy with the quality of the pictures, and how easy it is to use.

Summer and Camryn played with their blocks this morning:

Here's our dinner from yesterday... sauteed green beans, homemade mashed potatoes, and mahi mahi:

(That picture decided it wanted to be sideways... I tried to fix it twice.)

We got a new booster seat on Saturday, for Summer, so that Camryn could move from her high chair to the table. She loves it.

Our lovely new laptop:

Summer playing with my elf figurines:

"Playing" the horn ornament:

Last but not least, here's a video of Harley, chasing her tail. She does this more than any dog I've ever seen, it's pretty hilarious.


Sara said...

awww!! the pictures came out great!!!!!! =] Omgosh I could just cuddle your girls all day! So beautiful!!!! =]

gomillion and one... said...

Your girls are sooooo adorable! Gotta love that new camera. Oh and your dog....too freaking funny!

Bridgett said...

Great pictures! What kind of camera are you using?

I'm cracking up at your goofy doggy. LOL

And that dinner looks yummy...really yummy.


Leslie said...

The pics are awesome hun! I really enjoyed them ty for sharing ;) Your girls are beautiful. I really hope someday to have baby 2 and to have another little girl :) The dinner looked yummy too, mmm. Ur new laptop is sweet too. I love it. I enjoyed the video, funny dog, lol. Take care hun. Have a good night xo, Leslie

vintagehousewife said...

So, so cute! Dinner looks yummy ;)

Brandi said...

awww I loved all the pictures!

Brittany said...

The pictures came out REALLY good!
It's a GREAT camera! Crystal clear!

Mr. and Mrs. Wintz said...

awww steph you and j.d make beautiful childern they are growing up so fast. and the video is funny. but your dinner looks yummy teach me please lol :)

Missie said...

Your pictures look great. You must have gotten a good camera!

Enjoy your day,

Terri said...

The girls are soooo cute!

I am lovin you having a new camera..I love pics!

HAHA...our dog chases his tail like crazy too..too cute!


~PakKaramu~ said...


From Malaysia with love

JC said...

Love the pics! Makes me feel like a loser for not putting more pics on my blog. I rarely use my laptop anymore and that is where I do all my picture editing...

Your dog is hilarious!!!

Tracie said...

Your girls are adorable...and such fun ages for this time of year!

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