December 14, 2008

Prying my eyes away just for you

Alive and well, I am. Just super busy and super tired. I blame it on Stephenie Meyer.

I am currently on page 458 of book 4 in the Twilight series. I made myself put it down for a bit to attend to other things, such as my blog. It was difficult. Proof of that is that fact that while trying to hurry and get ready to go shopping, I read while blow drying my hair.

Joe and I were able to get all of Summer and Camryn's Christmas presents this evening. My parents were nice enough to babysit for us and we knocked it out in one trip. I think we did good, they're gonna love this Santa Claus thing. I'll save the revealing of the gifts until my Christmas blog.

We got our new camera today! Since it was a Christmas gift from my parents my mom wrapped it up for us and let us open it up early so we would have it for Christmas pictures. I haven't had long to mess with it, and my favorite camera subjects are sleeping, but I took a few.

Here's our Christmas tree. I wish I knew how to get a good picture of it. You can see our icicle lights shining through the window, too.

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care...

Here's the very adorable Xavier:

And Harley:

I've gotten Christmas cards from a few of you guys. It's fun checking the mail! Let's see... Missie, Corey, and Brittany's cards I've received. Thank ya!

Tomorrow should be a lazy day around the house. I'll probably take a bunch of pictures of the girls so be prepared for a ton of them to make their way here.

Ok I can't stand it anymore, I need to finish this book.


Bridgett said...

Okay, let me just say....I LOVE the curtains behind your Christmas tree. So classy looking! And your tree looks really beautiful.

I'm chuckling about the Twilight obsession. I read the first three books in the summer of 2007. So you can imagine what a bitch it was for me waiting for the 4th installment until this past August.

I made my husband go out on midnight of the night it came out and I spent one weekend doing NOTHING but reading. Doug even did the cooking so I could read. LOL

I liked the 4th book a lot....but I wish it would have been a little more developed. I feel like things had to be wrapped up too quickly and characters you grew to love in the other books are kind of non-existent in this one.


Congrats on completing your Christmas shopping. :)

I just have a couple more things to buy. We're having a horrible time finding the Barbie Diamond Castle thanks to my MIL. Grrrr....

She told me she had it, so I assumed that was taken care of. Then she informs me she only has the Barbie DOLL. I was pissed. Now here it is a few days before Christmas and no place has this castle.

I'd like to punch her in the face. Especially when she says, "Oh, we still have it here, but it's just too expensive."

I really can't stand my in-laws.


Brittany said...

I got your card this morning!!!
Thanks Hun!

I love your tree it's looks Fab!

carolinagirl said...

I got your card this weekend too. Thank you! Good luck with the new camera. I've had mine for 3 years now, and I still don't know how to use all of its functions. :)

Terri said...

Your tree is beautiful...

I want your curtains they are gorgeous and would fit my window..haha Where did you get them?

Yay for getting your Christmas shopping done and also getting a camera...which means we'll be seeing more pics :)

The baby is adorable...and so is Harley


Leslie said...

Hey hun :) I was wondering how you all been and where u been, hee, lol. Now i know. I tell yah that Stephenie Meyer knows how to hook us women on her books, lmao. I hear Breaking Dawn is really good. Im on Eclipse still and love it :) Enjoy the rest of the book hun. I love the pics. The new cam is awesome :) Ur tree is beautiful. im putting up my Xmas tree pics finally lol soon here. Glad u all
are doing good ;) Im glad too u and hubby got ur shopping done for the girls ;) My hubby & i havent started still i know horrible. Im usually never this late, *sigh* Hopefully this week we will get to them finally ;) Oh and i got ur Xmas card yesterday. I love it. ty agian soo much. I promise u i will send mine hopefully by the end of this week. Agian a bit behind this yr grr, lol. ttys hun xo, Leslie

Brandi said...

I love the pictures, and such a pretty Christmas tree. : )

Mr. and Mrs. Wintz said...

aww the pictures are amazing and nikki son is looking more like her. you want to show people your tree try to get in the dark with no light on but the tree. but what is your address and i will send you a x-mas card !!

Tracie said...

Your curtains are really nice...and a perfect place for a tree.
Lucky you getting your shopping done...I started early and can't seem to finish.
I finally broke down and started reading 19 year old daughter is addicted to the series. I am really enjoying it....more than I thought I would.

Ang said...

Hey I found your blog thru another and had to comment on your post about the Twilight series (aside from saying that you have adorable kids!!) It just cracked me up, you'll have to go to my blog and read all about what I had written. There is a 'review' of the movie but scroll on down and read (I'll warn you in advance it's long) but how my daughter and 7 of her 17year old friends spent the night....let me know what you think..I LOVED it as well!!

Tiffany said...

I have the same train stocking hangers. :) Guess we can't have more babies or we'll have to get a diff mismatched stocking hanger. LOL.

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