December 21, 2008

Lots of Pictures

Today we went to my Nanaw and Papaw's house for our annual Christmas party. It's a 2 hour drive there and back. We went in my parents' van with them and my brother, Wes, to save gas. It was cramped, with Joe, Summer in her booster seat, and I all in the back seat, but we watched Cars on the way there and Polar Express on the way back, so time passed quickly.

We had a really nice time. We all got some great gifts, and there was delicious food. Summer and Camryn were extremely well-behaved the whole time, and that's all we can really hope for!

Here's a family portrait... My dad, mom, brother, Joe, me, and the girls:

Summer with my cousins, Emily, Rachel, Olivia, and Sarah, in the bathroom:

Nanaw and Papaw:

Summer with her favorite person, Sarah:

Summer and her cousin, Taitum:

Unwrapping presents!:

The past three days I have baby-sat Xavier until 2am or so. It's been rough staying up that late and then waking up early with the kids. I feel like a zombie right now. I'm baby-sitting him tomorrow but it's from 11am-4:30pm, and then not again until Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting some rest this week!

Due to my zombie-like state, I really don't have anything of substance to write about. Don't you love how my blog is called MORE than a mommy blog, yet all I ever do is talk about my kids? Hahaha.

Here's the winning photo for our picture frames we gave out as gifts:

Everybody loved them!

Here's a few more that'll melt your heart!

I'm happy to say it is my bedtime now. Goodnite!


Bridgett said...

Those last few pictures DID melt my heart! Awww. How adorable!

The Christmas get-together looks so much fun. I loved the family portrait too.

Happy Holidays, sweetie!


Leslie said...

Aww hun I just love your blog :) I thought it was cute when you said its funny how you call it more then a mommy blog but you just talk about the girls. But thats ok hun, lol. We love that you do :) im so glad you all had a great time. The pics came out beautiful. You have a beautiful family hun, you all looked great. The food sounded good and of course the presents hee. Glad you all got nice things and more so to be with ur family ;) Oh hun you poor thing sorry about the lack of sleep u have been getting thats tough :( hang in there. I hope u get much needed rest soon. take care babe. If I dont talk to u before then have a Merry Christmas! xo, Leslie

carolinagirl said...

Your photos are precious! I love the one you framed! Is this a new blog makeover???

Missie said...

The picture you picked to frame for everyone is priceless! I love it.

Tiffany said...

Cute cute pics! Does Summer have darker hair...more brown and Camryn have more blondish hair? Do you think it'll stay that way? That's how it is right now with mine...Bryn has darker hair and Keely is blonde. ;)

Allison said...

I loved all the wonderful pictures. You have a very nice looking family and of course I'd be remiss in saying you are the one that sticks out the most with your beauty. : )

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

OK the last pic is TOTALLY precious!!!

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