December 5, 2008

A few words during nap time...

We got great news from Summer's doctor yesterday morning at her check-up! She does NOT have a cataract and he is very pleased with the results of her surgery!

He also said that Jack had good aim when he scratched her -- if he would have scratched any closer to the center of her eye, she may have needed a corneal transplant.

Summer has been under the care of an amazing doctor, Dr. Rychwalski. I can tell that he truly cares about her as a patient and we are so thankful for the great care he has given her. Unfortunately for us, he has gotten a job at a prestigious hospital in Cleveland and his last day was yesterday. He has assured us that her new doctor that he is transferring her to, Dr. Douglas, is very capable and he trusts him 100%. He is also located much closer to us, 5 minutes away in fact, so that's a plus. Summer will be seeing Dr. Douglas on January 6th, and at that time we will be scheduling a time for Summer to get her stitches out. They will be putting her under general anesthesia to remove the sutures and to do a thorough examination as well. Her eye will recover for a few weeks, and then she will get her glasses.

My camera is officially done for so I hinted to my parents that that's what they could get Joe and I for Christmas. They went along with that so my mom ordered a Canon Powershot for us today. Nothing fancy, but it got great reviews so that's what we went with. I will probably overload you guys with pictures once we get it.

Nakia's baby shower is tomorrow so my friend Nicole and I are each going in half on making her a really nice diaper cake. We just decided this yesterday so I don't have any of the supplies. Nicole closes at her work tonight so looks like I'll be shopping by myself. Her nursery is pink and brown (my favorite!), so I'm thinking that's how I'm going to do the cake.

I'm baby-sitting Xavier from 5-whoknowswhen since my SIL closes, so I'll probably be back later. I've gotta go take a shower while the girls nap or Joe is going to come home to a grungy, greasy monster.


Leslie said...

Hi sweety :) Good update hun. Im
so glad Summer is going to be ok. My gosh what an ordeal that poor baby has been thru. Thats great though that she doesnt have cataract thnak god. It sounds like the surgery wont be too bad and it will heal nicely. Aww that sad though she wont have the same doc anymore. Danielles Dr had moved recently too and we ere so bummed. But the new one is ok. We still loved the one she had before its tough. Thats good though its great her new dr isnt too far. Thats great you all are getting a new cam. Canons are awesome cameras. I bet it will work great. Have fun making the diaper cake too. Those are so cute. Take care hun. have a good weekend :) Leslie

Missie said...

I'm so glad Summer is going to be okay. It's been such a worry.

Have a good weekend!

Allison said...

I'm very happy that everything is going to turn out good and that it wasn't the other scenario. Have a fun time at the baby shower. : )

Brandi said...

I am so happy Summer is doing ok. : )

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