December 6, 2008

Diaper Cake

I just got done with the diaper cake. I got my friend Audrey to go shopping for supplies with me right after the girls went to bed. I had promised Joe I wouldn't leave him with all three kids so that was a compromise. We went to Target first. They have great baby stuff and I knew they had a scrap-booking aisle so I figured they would have all the ribbon we would need.... and of course, I was wrong. The only ribbon they has was with the birthday stuff and they didn't have a single roll of thick brown or solid pink ribbon. So, we had to go to Wal-Mart, too. We were in a huge rush but we managed to get everything I needed.

It turned out pretty cute. I was able to fit quite a few things on there and it's got at least 90 size 1 diapers. Hopefully we can get it to the shower all in one piece. The shower is at Olive Garden and I'm bringing Summer and Camryn with me, so that should be interesting. I'm glad Nicole is going with me, she'll be able to help me shove breadsticks in their mouths to keep them happy!

Xavier is still here, passed out on the floor. He' s such a calm baby, so he's usually no problem at all. Right now I just desperately want to go to bed, so I'm hoping Nicole gets here soon.

I have not bought a single Christmas gift. I really did not want to wait till the last minute. I kept thinking I would just order gifts online. I did a lot of window shopping on, making wishlists and such for things I wanted to get the kids and others, and found a bunch of awesome stuff at, but didn't order anything and now I bet it's too late to get anything by Christmas. Looks like we'll be joining all of the other last minute shoppers in the rush!

This play kitchen
is the main thing I want to get for Summer and Camryn. They certainly don't need any more toys and they're too young to think, "We got jipped by Santa!" if they don't get that much, so we aren't going all out or anything. But I think a play kitchen is something any little kid would get a lot of enjoyment out of. I can remember playing with mine for years.

I'd better stop now before I start rambling. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Bridgett said...

The cake looks great! I love pink and brown together. It's a great color combo.

Have fun at the baby shower. :)

As for on-line ordering, you still have plenty of time. Most places let you order up until just a few days before Christmas. Granted, shipping might be slightly higher...but then again, they often offer free shipping this time of year. Just a thought. :)

That kitchen is adorable. My kids have one too (not like that one), but they've played with it for years. So that's definitely a good choice.

Happy Saturday!

Brandi said...

I'm a pro at last minute shopping. Haha

Um that cake is AWESOME!

vintagehousewife said...

Love the cake, soooo cute!

And, the kitchen is a great boys have a kitchen and they still love it. It's a great investment.

Angel said...

Aww, the cake is so cute. I LOVE it!!
And I bet your girls are so gonna love that kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really cute cake! Thank you so much for coming by my blog, I do appreciate it. Enjoy your Sunday.

Missie said...

I just love that cake!

Have a good day tomorrow.

Theresa said...

I have seen this before but your cake is really cute and turned out so nice!!

I boiught 4 things for my daugher adn 2 small things for my son Joey. I will be out X-Mas Eve like every yedar shopping so don't feel bad! This year is just really bad for everyone!

Terri said...

That cake is too cute..I love pink and 2 fav. colors!

I've been shopping online...i received most of it, one thing is on backorder...I hope it gets here in time...I just haven't had the time or energy to fight the crowds this year...still haven't got my tree up either..which I am hoping to get up

The girls will just love the kitchen! I would have loved to have one like that as a little girl...I had a small one..but loved it just the same!


Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Diaper Cake looks great...I wish I knew how to make them!

Thanks again for pledging...bring your friends and and family to pledge as well!!!


Tracie said...

That cake is such a great idea! I just went to 2 baby showers recently and no one did anything cute like that. And pink and brown are the "IT" colors for baby girls right now.
A play kitchen is a great daughter is grown now but I remember how much she loved hers. And you can get yearsss of play out of them.

Finally got the time to visit your blog...I will definitely be back!!

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