October 24, 2008

Puppies and Potties

Summer peed in her potty last night, but has pretty much refused to sit on it today. Not even for a marshmallow. I think I might need to upgrade the treat. I want to make a potty chart for her, maybe that will work. We switched her over completely from Pampers to Pull-Ups during the day. I don't see much difference in them with exception to the little purple flowers that tell me that I suck at getting her to her potty in time.

(Summer trying on my shoe)

(Camryn with her Blankie)

We are having an issue with Harley. First, she started jumping up on our 5ft tall flower box (somehow... it's so tall.. we think she may have some type of superhero jumping ability) on the side of the house and jumping down into the front yard. She would then chase squirrels down the street and have to be grabbed by a neighbor who happened to be outside. That happened 3 times and then we solved that problem by putting flower pots along the edge of the flower box. That lasted a few days, but then she found a hole in the fence and has a new escape route. Until we patch it up, we're having to take her outside on her leash to use the bathroom, and we can't let her run around the backyard because she heads straight for the hole. It's very frustrating. She's lucky that in every other aspect she's still a great dog.

(biting her tail)


Theresa said...

otty training was easy for me for my daughter, she was trained by her 1st b-day. Maybe try and play a game with it. Put cheerios in the potty and tell her to try and pee on them or something. That is how I got my son Joey to potty train, hehe.

I want a dog in thee worst way but I don't want to poop in the yard and holes in the yard and by the fence, LOL.

Your kids are adorable!!

Bridgett said...

I am definitely not an expert with potty training. My daughter will be 4 in a couple weeks, and although she's been day trained for nearly a year, we've had trouble with bed wetting.

And my son, well, he just potty trained at the start of summer and he's six. Then again, he has special circumstances.

Have you seen that new doll out now...it's called the Gotta Go doll or something like that. Maybe something like that would help? We bought Autumn a potty training book. She loved it and read it everyday.

I wish you luck!

As for the doggy...that pic is hilarious!


Terri said...

Good luck with the potty training...your kids are so cute!

We had trouble with Beau our chihuahua getting under the fence and going into our neighbors yard(which is also fenced in thank goodness) within the last month..we have had him almost 4yrs..and never had this problem..guess he is just wanting to play with the dog next door...but i agree it is frustrating!

Have a good weekend

Tiffany said...

That pic of Camryn is adorable! :) She looks so innocent in it. ;)

Brittany said...

I love your couch in the background. I used to have one just like it but it was grey.

I'm planning on getting a new couch someday...who knows when.

Bernadette said...

You are hilarious!

It took me a good while to potty train Peyton. I think it was about 6 months...but once she got it down she was fine, never wet the bed and rare to never had an accident.
I got her potty training books to read when she sat on the potty. There's a series with this dog named Angus...she really liked those, and they're f'in funny. Just try not saying 'anus'

I think it's just one of those things you have to keep at constantly and it happens when it happens.
We've just started with Eli, doing pull ups and good nights (but have been prepping him since 9 months!) ..we just make a huge deal when he usees it, we dance around and give him a sticker. Basically, any time you act like a dumbass they think they conquered the world ;)

You could get a container of foam shapes (a whole bucket is like 5 bucks) and string them on a piece of yarn...each time she goes she adds a foam shape and in no time she'll have a pretty necklace ;) If there's one thing I've learned, it's all about the rewards.


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