October 28, 2008

A Few New Friends

Earlier this morning, I changed Summer's diaper and as I pulled her pants on over her legs, she said, "Bye-bye bug bites, see ya later!" I looked down and saw two mosquito bites around her knee. Apparently she and the bites had formed some kind of friendship.

It is COLD outside. Luckily the weather guy said it will warm up to 65 or so for Halloween. We have long sleeved shirts and tights for the girls' to wear under their costumes but that wouldn't do too much for them if it was as cold then as it is today. We went trick-or-treating at the zoo a couple weeks ago but of course we forgot the camera. I'll just tell you, they were definitely the cutest kids there :) Summer's pirate costume was absolutely the best one. I think her black boots that I found at Target totally make the outfit. I think this year hopefully everyone knows what she is. Last year she was a kangaroo and a couple people asked us if she was a Chihuahua. We still laugh about that, seeing as Chihuahua's don't have pouches with babies in them on their stomachs.

I'd better go. Summer is insisting that she needs a spoon to eat cheerios out of a sandwich bag and Camryn is crying for a Ra-Ra (pacifier). Have a great Tuesday!

p.s. Thanks for the potty-training advice. We're going to take a break for a couple days and then try again, and I'll definitely try your all's tips!


Brittany said...

that Kangaroo costume is ADORABLE!!!!

Bridgett said...

I agree with Britt! That kangaroo costume is totally sweet!

Parker's going to be a pirate, Autumn a bumble bee. Hopefully it won't be too cold.


EmilytheCreative said...

That kangaroo costume is PRECIOUS! LOVE it! Can't wait to see pictures from this year!

Anonymous said...

Oh my they are so darn Cute. Cant wait to see more pictures Thank you for Stopping bye my blog Take care Kat:)

Terri said...

They are soo cute!

Love the kangaroo costume..

HAHA@ someone thinking it was a chihuahua


Theresa said...

The costumes are adorable, I just love them!! It is FREEZING here and we had snow today!! I hope it is alittle warmer on Friday here.

Allison said...

I have no doubt they were the cutest kids there. They are so adorable? Someday I will hopefully find out what motherhood is all about. I love children so much. Have a happy hump day tomorrow. Luv ya!

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