July 7, 2008

One of those times

Yes, that's Camryn with chocolate all over herself and her crib!

Summer has been in a toddler bed since she was 19 months old. We haven't had a problem with her getting out of bed and leaving her room until very recently. We had been planning on getting doorknob covers so that she can't leave her room and get into things while we're asleep, but hadn't gotten to the store to get them yet.

I had made rice crispy treats with pieces of Dove chocolate in them for my aunt's 4th of July party. When we got home that night, I set the leftovers on the counter and we all went to bed. The following morning, Summer came into our room, carrying a rice krispy treat. Joe got up and went into their room, only to find that she had shared it with her sister as well! As sweet as that was, obviously Camryn could have choked on it, so we got the doorknob covers at Target that day.

As potentially dangerous and messy as it was, it was one of life's moments where I had to laugh instead of yell.


Jennifer said...

so glad to have you back!!! I've been watching your old blog for a new update! I want to see more pics of the girls!

Tiffany S. said...

How cute and how funny! At least she was sharing. ;) LOL. BTW Do you know how I can set this blog up to get some sort of alerts?? I know a friend of mine has a blog like this and I have alerts set up for it, but for some reason yours isn't giving me that option. :(

SCM said...

i have no idea, i'll mess around with it and figure it out.

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