July 7, 2008

Here's the deal

Let's see... where do I start? Joe and I are doing great. The kids are doing great. Summer talks all the time. You have to decipher a lot of what she says still, but she gets her point across. Camryn isn't walking yet but she can stand up on her own. She claps, points, and tries to repeat everything we say. So far, she says "dog", "bye-bye", "up", "mama", "dada", and several other things that we can't quite understand. They both have birthdays next month! I can't quite believe it. I was looking at party stuff on Orientaltrading.com earlier. Summer's favorite show, as odd as it is, is The Doodlebops. There's a Doodlebops party set on there, I'm hoping I can get it for her. It comes complete with rock star tattoos and guitar pic necklaces that I'll make everyone put on at the party. I think we're having her party at a local park, and Camryn's first b-day party we'll have here at our house.

After much debate, we moved from our apartment into my Grandmother's house this past May. She is still alive, in a nursing home with really bad Alzheimer's, but obviously won't be living at home any longer. The house has been in the family ever since my mom's family moved to Louisville 50 years ago, so they aren't really wanting to sell it just yet. They'll need to sell it in a year or two to pay for the nursing home, but until then, they offered to let Joe and I rent it. We're getting a great deal, and we're saving as much as we can to put towards buying a house when we move from here. The house is your basic 3 bedroom 1 bath from the 50's. Not that big but there is a decent kitchen and living room, and a basement. We also have a great back yard here that is right next to a big field. The other day we saw six red-tailed foxes playing in it! The neighbors all seem really nice as well. There are tons of families with lots of kids all over the place.

Joe is working at a plumbing company right now. We're undecided as to if he's going to stay in the plumbing trade or not, but for now, he's at a good place making decent money.

My current ambition right now is to take online college classes either this fall or spring. I want to take them from a reputable college in the area, either University of Louisville, or the local community college. I will probably take the basic classes from the community college, and then transfer to U of L when I decide what my major will be. I want to take the online classes so that I can still be here for the kids and work around their nap schedules and after they're in bed, although I'm sure at some point there will be classes I'll need to go to campus for. I don't know for sure what career path I'd like to take, but I want to take advantage of being at home and not working full time right now. I want to get a degree before the kids are in school, so that I can get a good job then, and not have to worry about starting school in my mid-20's and taking forever to get a good career going. Later on I think I'm going to pull up our tax info and fill out a FAFSA, I'm thinking that's the first step.

The girls are napping right now but it's getting late so I'd better go start dinner before they wake up. We're having baked chicken and brussel sprouts. Yum!

Have a lovely evening,

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Tiffany S. said...

Good luck if you get into school! It's tough with little ones, but I've never taken online courses. Maybe it'll be easier that way. ;) Keep us posted!

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