July 20, 2008

Joining the Ranks

I reached a milestone this morning. It it commonly referred to as "Moms who clean up chunky puke at 5:30AM". Mine has an addendum of "after going to bed at 3:00AM" as well.

Summer has apparently reached chunky puking age. She started crying at her door around 4:30, and I went in and tucked her back in. She gets up like that sometimes, and it's usually no big deal. I got back into bed and an hour or so later, I heard a strange noise and then more crying. I opened her door and there she was, standing behind a puddle of vomit. I went and found my Mom Cape that somehow allows us to do things we never thought we could do - like clean up puke that resembles shredded turkey and apples - and put it on, and got her cleaned up. After another puking episode and a couple episodes of Teletubbies, she is bouncing around like usual. I've given her some crackers and now I'm hoping for the best.

Normally since it's the weekend, Joe would be up helping me, because he's a good dad like that, but he has a job to help his boss with at midnight tonight. They're working on remodeling bathrooms at a Buffalo Wild Wings around here and can't work till after they close. It should take awhile and then he has to work all day Monday, so I'm letting him sleep. We stayed up way too late last night, him watching some space movie and me addressing envelopes for the girls' birthday parties.

I still haven't decided for sure what their themes are going to be for their parties. The only definitive thing is that Camryn is going to have a really big cake, part of which she'll get all to herself, and Summer is going to have a lot of cupcakes that spell out Happy Second Birthday Summer instead of a cake. Y'know, I'm getting sick of people saying, "You don't need a theme, they won't remember it anyway." Duh - we all know it's more for the parents than the kids at these ages ;)

I better go check on Summer's beloved doll. Doll got thrown up on and had to take a bath. Summer doesn't quite understand and is now howling for her. I may be back later to add some recent pictures!


Jennifer said...

I had the same thing happen with Summer about a month ago. It is amazing how quickly you find that cape in the middle of the night!!! Can't wait to see pics of the party!!

Tiffany S. said...

That's yucky, but I can totally understand what you mean. Though I haven't had to deal with any chunky puke episodes yet...::KNOCKING ON WOOD::

BTW is there a feature under your settings where you can alert people(via email I guess) of your entries?? A cousin of mine has the same type of journal and I get alerts that way from hers...that's what she said it was a feature under the settings.

Bernadette said...

Aww :) Welcome to the ranks! I remember my first clean up...I still have no idea how I got through it without getting sick AND while calming a sick child.

Eli flipped out when I put his bear in the wash..you'd think i was killing the thing.

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