April 30, 2012

Last Week

That’s my girl… eating a tangerine with a funnel on her head.


Sweet baby boy. One of the good things about Joe working second shift is I get to leave Jace at home to sleep more while I take the girls to school.


Watching the fish while I work. He’s always so content staring at them. Who needs Baby Einstein?


Jack is an indoor cat but escapes every once in awhile. I’m pretty sure he was saying, “Haha, looks who’s outside.”


Christine had to leave for California on Saturday so she came over one last time. We made artichoke spaghetti and Bok Choy. It was delicious.



Baby Bok Choy is my new favorite vegetable. Joe and the girls really like it too.


Just wash it, cut the ends off and separate the stalks, sautee half an onion and some minced ginger root in olive oil for a few minutes, add a little rice vinegar, vegetable or chicken broth, and soy sauce, toss in the bok choy and turn it to coat, then cook for about 8 minutes. Our family of four eats two bunches at a time. Try it!


After dinner, we played Pretty Pretty Princess with the girls and had popcorn and candy. Yes, they were in heaven.





Yes, this is a lemon. Yes we let Jace taste it. Yes, we took a video.


Yes, I felt slightly bad since he has only had breastmilk every day of his life so far. But we had to.


melanie said...

that video, oh my gosh, too funny!

Susie said...

The video was to cute!!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Awww, his expressions are so cute!!!

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