March 6, 2012

Mobile Dumping

How’s that for a title?

I end up taking a lot of pictures with my cell phone since it’s so convenient. I don’t want these to get lost in the black hole of Facebook, so I wanted to bring them over here. If we’re Facebook friends you have probably seen these already. I’m using an older Blackberry right now so the quality isn’t great. I’m getting an iPhone in May though, and they take much better pictures, so watch out!

Most of my cell phone pictures right now consist of Jace sleeping…

396006_10150488973667914_502132913_8851743_729592551_n 400099_10150489679802914_502132913_8854324_1893893205_n

401417_10150496882657914_502132913_8878618_793878937_n 401189_10150503206252914_502132913_8899979_347485926_n

400159_10150494147777914_502132913_8867348_651352968_n 432014_10150520828057914_502132913_8951365_304462551_n

422108_10150502340937914_502132913_8897282_1348831243_n 421264_10150591724962914_502132913_9169133_2073114317_n

(left) Camryn’s hives from her allergic reaction to Penicillen. It was horrible! (right) You Go Girl! That’s on a building I pass every day when I go home from taking and picking up Summer. I tell myself they wrote that just for me.

405715_10150516724132914_502132913_8940401_117104769_n 426694_10150546669652914_502132913_9023946_648948886_n

424356_10150561443972914_502132913_9063469_1648521836_n 401447_10150567003887914_502132913_9081774_159253440_n

430494_10150583548367914_502132913_9138162_1799018453_n 65447_10150587007632914_502132913_9150851_1523707130_n

422864_10150560173207914_502132913_9058960_1271974023_n 429697_10150591235242914_502132913_9167696_1704294515_n

(right) He loves to have something soft on his face and has developed a need for a blankey to sleep. He actually seems to cry for it already. I don’t let him sleep like that with it by his face normally, don’t worry!

405549_10150549914197914_502132913_9033629_212443947_n 396373_10150495873102914_502132913_8873232_1652489946_n

395573_10150526522872914_502132913_8964641_2104451727_n 419302_10150508135367914_502132913_8911849_1435200941_n

(left) Summer painted this in art class. Hers was one of two that were chosen to display at Louisville’s Showcase of Schools!

418513_10150526490057914_502132913_8964492_1811514802_n 397331_10150526519182914_502132913_8964631_898193365_n

This is what happens when you give a four and five-year-old permission to make their own lunches. Holy carbs! Summer’s is on the left and Camryn’s is on the right.

421699_10150575188242914_502132913_9108042_2087269784_n 417072_10150519699877914_502132913_8948082_1541991502_n

(left) Jace is tolerating bath time much better these days. (right) Camryn playing at the creek by my parents’ house.

419144_10150590814982914_502132913_9165827_1375206325_n 429909_10150591002322914_502132913_9166808_757854152_n

(left) My brother is home from college for Spring Break and finally got to see Jace for the first time since he was two weeks old. (right) My friend Jillia’s pug, Weezy. Weezy has one eye and snorts. A lot.

Whew. I guess I should do a cell phone photo dump more often!


Cassie Channell said...

Those hives are the worst! I put my son to bed one night thinking he MAY have chicken pox and woke up the next morning to a head to toe rash and eyes swollen shut... Scary to say the least.. And that had been his 3rd time on it with no reaction before!

Holly said...

I totally need to do a dump too! lol

Ross said...

What a cute kid! I can feel for your daughter because I am allergic to Penecillen as well and broke out in exactly the same way when I was younger. My feet started to swell and my throat started to swell as well. Not a lot of fun. Hope your having a good weekend!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

What a cute, sleeping baby. Poor Camryn. I hope she's feeling better!

Tracy said...

sooooo cute!!

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