March 12, 2012

Growing Up - Step One


At Summer and Camryn’s dentist visit back in December, he told me that Summer had a few loose teeth. Slowly but surely the two teeth on the bottom center got looser and looser. Last month we noticed her grown-up teeth were coming in behind the baby teeth, so we knew it would be soon that she would get her first visit from the tooth fairy. Joe told her that he was mandating a new family rule: anytime anyone looses a tooth, we all go get ice cream. We like ice cream in this family.


She wiggled and wiggled, and ate lots of apples, to help her teeth fall out. One was much looser than the other, and last week it was pretty much just hanging in her mouth. Friday when I picked her up from school, she proudly opened up her mouth and told me she has lost her tooth! She said she was talking to her friend, and it just fell out onto the carpet.


Her teachers had put it into an envelope, but Summer opened it in front of her locker to take a look. I checked the envelope when she handed it to me and, of course, no tooth. We looked all over the hallway and were about to give up, when her teacher got the kids that were still there to come out and help. Her daughter ended up finding it a few minutes later. Thank goodness!


That night she put it under her pillow, and the next morning found a dollar that the Tooth Fairy had left her. She was so excited! We went out for ice cream last night after dinner.


She’s already working on her next tooth, and I’m hoping she gets it out soon so I have an excuse to get some more ice cream.


I have to admit, I feel sad that she is starting to lose her teeth. It’s a sign that she is growing up, and I’m not ready!


melanie said...

love the new family rule!

I am not looking forward to the losing teeth stage...kinda gives me the hebbie jebbies! Heres to all teeth falling out at school!

Susie said...

How exciting for Camryn!! Good idea about the ice cream!!

Holly said...

I like the ice cream celebration part!! Good idea ;)

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