January 12, 2012

Baby Jace Countdown… 3 More Days!


We took this picture on New Year’s Day, so I’m actually just about 39 weeks now. The quality isn’t great because it was in a dim room at night, but it’s better than nothing.

I figure I’ll do one last pregnancy questionnaire….

How far along? 38 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I’m up about 20 lbs from where I started

Sleep: I can’t. I wake up constantly, either from intense Braxton Hicks, heartburn, back pain, needing to pee, or pain from turning over.


Food cravings: cheerios with milk, and I always have to have access to ice water

Movement: He’s definitely slowed down on the kicks and turns, but when he moves, it’s pretty crazy to watch the shapes my stomach makes.

Gender: still a boy, confirmed at my 36 week ultrasound

Stretchmarks: I have a lovely purple spider web around my belly button

Belly Button in or out? Out. And stretched beyond it’s limits. Never going to be the same.

What I miss: Having my body to myself. Not being in pain. Moving without getting heartburn.

What I am looking forward to: My c-section Monday morning at 7:30am!


Symptoms: I think I’ve covered this already but… heartburn, back pain, pain in general, and now I’m starting to get swollen in my left ankle, feet, hands, and cheeks. I also had a higher blood pressure than normal at my (last!) doctor appointment yesterday, but it wasn’t enough for him to be concerned since I’m almost done.

Milestones: Almost finished!

Weekly Wisdom: One day at a time.

Emotions: General irritability has taken over at this point, but other than that, I am so ready to meet our baby boy!

At my 35 week ultrasound, the tech estimated his weight at 8.5 lbs that day. If she’s right, he’s going to be around 10 lbs when he’s born. I am REALLY hoping she was off a bit! Summer was 6 lbs 10 oz and Camryn was 7 lbs 5 oz. I doubt he was quite as big as she thought, although I sure feel like he is.

We’ve been passing illnesses around the house for the last few weeks. First a cold, then a bad cough, and then yesterday Camryn woke up with a fever. She was better today, so hopefully we can all get well and back to normal before Jace arrives.

Joe, the girls, and I (and a huge amount of family and friends) are all really anxious and excited… we’ll be spending the next few days cleaning, organizing, and making sure everything is in place for our new addition!



Lace said...

Good Luck, Steph! I must say, you make pregnancy look flippin' fantastic! Can't wait to see photos of Jace! I bet the girls are so excited too!

The Mama said...

Aaah, such an exciting time! Enjoy your baby moon :)

Ross said...

Looking forward to seeing the baby pictures! Good luck with everything on Monday and good luck!

Susie said...

Good Luck!! Can't wait to see pictures!! How exciting for you and your family!!

Rubydotlarue said...

You look amazing!!! All baby! Maybe not 10 lbs. of baby, but either way! LOL

Best of luck Monday morning! Enjoy your last weekend as a family of FOUR!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of your "little" guy!

Missie said...

You do look amazing! It's all baby for sure. I hope he's not 10 pounds for your sake! LOL

I'm so excited for you guys. Keep us posted on Monday. If you can't, make sure Joe does!

Sacha♥ said...

Good luck Stephanie and family...

You look amazing. Not long until he will be in your arms.

I'm exciting for you all. The girls must be so exciting to meet their new brother :D

love the pictures :)

im your new follower... come check in my blog to say hi and follow me back :D


maren said...

Thinking about you! Can't wait to see pics!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I didn't realize it was go time already! Can't wait to hear the news!

Holly said...


Jennifer said...

You look amazing! =) Hope all is well.

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