October 9, 2011

Out to Eat… Setting the Bar

We decided to go out for a late dinner last night. Nothing special, just Applebee’s.


We are really lucky to have two girls that have always behaved themselves when we go places like this. I don’t want to jinx it before we meet #3, but we have awesome kids.


A bit of unsolicited advice I can give to new parents - take your baby out of the house! I know a lot of parents that are afraid to take their babies with them to the grocery store, out to eat, etc. If you don’t take them to these places and show them your expectations of their behavior starting when they are itty bitty, how will they ever learn how to act properly in those settings?


Joe and I took them with us everywhere ever since they were newborns, and were consistent with what we expected of them. It started with us always being prepared with snacks and food and a book or two when they were babies, and evolved into us laying out expectations before we reached our destination and giving gentle reminders if they started to act inappropriately.


I’m proud to say that throughout our 5 year stretch of parenthood so far, we have gotten tons of compliments on their behavior. I’m not saying they are perfect by any means, they are kids after all!


Mommy and Daddy aren’t perfect either… it was totally my idea to draw on each other while we were waiting for our food.


“Here Daddy… let me give you some lipstick!”


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Susie said...

I compliment you on taking your girls everywhere with you, I did the same with my kids and now with my grandkids.

Amanda C. said...

You have a beautiful family. Love the pics.

Buckeroomama said...

Totally agree with you on your piece of advice to new parents.

Your girls are beautiful. :)

Megan said...

Love the advice. That's such a great tip! I will definitely be storing that for the future! Y'all are a gorgeous family!

Joelle said...

Your family is absolutely adorable! I don't have any kids yet,but I am in total agreement with you about bringing your kids with you. They have to learn to be functioning members of society somehow...

Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you have a fabulous week my dear!


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