October 10, 2011

Mama Worries

I am so much more worried about baby number three.


His health, mainly. He looked great on the ultrasound, his heartbeat has been strong, I’m measuring correctly…. but the what-ifs continue to go through my mind often.


I know most every mom has these fears as her unborn baby grows inside of her, and of course I worried when I was pregnant with the girls, but with them it was more of a passing thought, because I just knew they would be fine. With this one, in the back of my mind I do know that most likely he will be born perfectly healthy and stay that way…. but the worries are more prominent.


It could be because I’m older and wiser this time around, and I’ve been exposed to devastating situations through blogs, and through our own loss of my nephew from SIDS, since having Summer and Camryn. I kind of wish I could live in denial that bad things don’t happen to babies.


Another part of me questions how we could get so lucky as to have two beautiful, healthy kids already and then be blessed with a third. I know of so many good people who desperately want and deserve babies of their own, or who suffer unimaginable circumstances with their child. Why them? Why us? Surely, there is a catch here.

Jace has been kicking me intensely as I’ve typed this, almost as a reminder to me that I have to have faith that he is perfect and healthy until he is physically here in our arms. What a sweet boy, already looking out for his mama.


I’m going to take his cue and do my best to push these worries away. They don’t do any good, and they will disappear as soon as that baby boy is screaming his head off in the delivery room I’m sure!


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Carol said...

Ah, Momma, I get this. You are older, wiser, there is more at stake now that you have other children to care for too. Try not to worry about that which you can't control. You are in God's hands.

Emma said...

It's so normal though!! We wouldn't be good mamas if we didn't worry about everything! I think in pregnancy as well, you can't SEE what is going in in there....

I've freaked out so much this pregnancy!

Susie said...

It normal to worry!! You have two beautiful children and I am sure you will have another one soon!!

Lisa said...

Just found your blog--your kids are adorable & I know your baby boy will be too! & worrying only makes you a good mama! I have a "mama blog" too I'd love for you to check out!


Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

I worried a lot more with my third, too. Hang in there!

Erica said...

Try not to worry about that which you can't control. You are in God's hands.

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Holly said...

Been there! And people telling you not to worry doesn't help one bit. Just take it day by day. I worried so much more over Lainey after Carleigh where w/ Kyndra I hardly worried at all even when I had severe bleeding. Back then losing a baby was foreign. I only just found out yesterday about our new little baby and I'm already worrying. And worrying doesn't mean you don't trust in God b/c I do completely but I am human too!

Missie said...

You will find that all the worrying you've done over this little one was for nothing.

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