June 7, 2011

Still Here

I got a message from my cousin Katherine on Facebook. She’s away for the summer, working at Yellowstone. It simply said, “Update your blog.”

So, here I am.


I’ve been feeling a lot better. The nausea is still there, but it’s more of an afterthought, only noticeable when my stomach gets empty.


I’m so tired. I only have enough energy to take care of the girls and shower. Everything else is a huge chore that when I accomplish, I feel like I’ve won a marathon.


As you can see here by these weeds, going out in the 90 degree heat to pull them is a bit much for me as well.


It’s been so hot the last few weeks that we’ve mainly been hanging out around the house.


We have plans to go to the pool tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to cooling off in the water and lounging around.


Summer and Camryn are really excited to go swimming, too. They’re looking forward to leaving where they left off last year, when they jumped off the side into the baby pool and swam under water.


Did you know that if you only eat baked potatoes and sliced pears, you will lose a lot of weight?


Right now, the girls are playing in front of me on the living room floor. They have taken all the blankets off of the bottom bunk and have made a “nest” with them.






These pictures from yesterday evening were the first ones I took since the last pictures I posted awhile ago.


Hopefully this first trimester flies by so I can really enjoy this Summer. In the meantime, I’m going to nap.


Ashley Sisk said...

Bless your heart! So baked potatoes and peaches. That's the trick eh? I hope you move through this one quickly!

clauren said...

Love the pics, so funny our Cameron had the same bike until last wk! Cass

Susie said...

Hope it goes fast for you!!! Love the pictures as usual.

Dana said...

Resting is so hard when you have other kiddos to take care of. I have awful 24/7 "morning" sickness my whole 1st trimester with this pregnancy. Popsicles and zofran were pretty much my diet. Hang in there mama and hope you get to feeling better!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you feel better soon! This heat is no fun while pregnant. It makes my nausea so much worse!

Mama Kayla said...

These photos are very beautiful. Love them all. :-)

Charice said...

Yeah, the first trimester sucks, especially in the summer :(

Ross said...

Great photos! You have a real gift! In my opinion you really do make a picture into a thousand words!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Love the photos!! Hope you are feeling a little better mama! So I've been trying to come up with a clever name and this is what I've come up with: Precious Memories with Zoe and Harper. I know, I know, not very clever but it's either that or keep the name I have and just add Harper's name. What do you think? Precious Memories with Zoe and Harper or Loving Zoe and Harper's Butterfly Kisses? Or do you have any ideas? I will send you some pictures soon.

Warren Baldwin said...

Great pics. Yellowstone ... I'm envious. Used to live one hour from there and went all the time.

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