March 14, 2011

iBonus Parent Points

Guess where we went this evening…


Despite Camryn’s expression, they were both excited to be meeting….


…Jennette McCurdy! We found out last week that the iCarly star/singer was going to be at one of our local malls. We knew we HAD to go. The girls love iCarly and I’m not ashamed to admit I love it as well. I’ve even caught Joe watching it long after the kids had left the room a few times. It’s one of the only “big kid” shows the girls are allowed to watch, and it’s something that we end up watching a lot as a family on the weekends. Jennette plays Carly’s best friend, Sam, on the show, and she’s hilarious. I also checked her website out after I heard about her appearance, and she’s a very talented country singer as well.


We were running a bit late because we had to make a stop at the bank that ended up taking forever. She sang a few songs and we missed all but the last two minutes of her performance. We did manage to have time to stick the girls up on our shoulders so they could see over the crowd to watch her sing.

I figured there would be a crowd there, but it was downright chaotic. Hundreds, maybe even a thousand people, crowded into a small section of the mall.


The purpose of her tour is to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For $10 you could get a CD with two of her songs plus an 8x10 for her to sign. We got the girls each one and stood in line to get them autographed.


We were in line for a good hour before we finally got to the front. A lady working there said we could take pictures, just not posed pictures. I had been hoping to get one with the girls standing next to her but that was better than nothing.


(Photography note: I knew I was only going to have a few seconds to take pictures, so I really contemplated switching my camera to auto so that I didn’t screw them up. But… I decided I hadn’t worked this hard to not trust myself and my abilities so, I didn’t. I took ‘em all in manual and they turned out perfectly!)


Summer went first…



Then Camryn. I would have pictures of Camryn getting her picture signed if Joe hadn’t walked in front of the camera. In fact, he had JUST told me to get lots of pictures, and then, grey sweatshirt all up in my way. I still love him, though.


We said thank you to her and she looked up and gave us a smile and said, “You’re welcome!”. It lasted all of 30 seconds but I could tell the girls were so excited to have met “Sam from iCarly”, as they referred to her. Parent points for mommy and daddy!


Guess what this is…



…our rainy windshield. It’s been raining for what seems like weeks. I’m hoping to wake up to sunshine tomorrow!


angela said...

Lovely photos! I especially like the drum's one.

Monica said...

Love the pics. I watch iCarley after my kids have left the room too. :) I didn't know she is a singer.

St Matthew's Mall? I love that place... Mainly because its where The Cheesecake Factory is. LOL

clauren said...

We went to that mall on Sat lol, I needed shoes bc like an idiot I left them at home, loved it but didn't realize it was that far out, the cab ride was the price of the shoes when it was all said and done lol...Anyway, the girls love that show and I do too! Points for you and Joe!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Awww, I bet the girls were so excited!
Even though my kids don't watch it, I've caught my husband watching it at times, lol!

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