February 18, 2011


We finally had sunshine. And warmth. Running errands is so much more fun when you aren’t freezing and you can ride around with the windows down.

My parents offered to have Summer and Camryn over for a sleepover tonight because Joe has some studying to do for a certification exam in the morning, and needed some peace and quiet. They were excited and are looking forward to pancakes in the morning.


Tomorrow the girls and I are going to a baby shower for a friend from high school. I love baby showers… so much anticipation and excitement!


And now I have a date with a wine bottle... Have a great weekend!


b. lee said...

cheers mama * enjoy ur evening bambino free ;) gorgeous pics!

kimchicsisters said...

so cute!


Anonymous said...

Love your button and your blog! What a great read! Following you now from weekend wander!


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