February 17, 2011

Wind, Mommy Failure, and School

Creative post title, eh?

The meteorologists promised us 70 degree temperatures, strong wind, and sunshine. They were right about the wind, at least.

We didn’t let that ruin our plans to play at the park though, and decided to take a kite along with us.


Summer saw a magician at preschool today, named, appropriately, Mr. Magic. I hear he did funny stuff with a rabbit and peanut butter and jelly.


I forgot to have her wear her school t-shirt today like she was supposed to. Luckily her teacher had an extra. I felt awful when I saw the kids coming out the door wearing them, but then I noticed I wasn’t the only one that forgot. It was like those mornings when you are running super late and you’re the last one in the drop-off line, but then at the last second someone else pulls up behind you.


Yesterday I dropped Summer’s kindergarten registration/application off to be processed with the masses and have our lives determined for us. Some of you may remember me totally stressing over where we were going to send her, and how ridiculous the school placement system is around here. We feel comfortable in our final decision for her (and Camryn the year after) and now we just have to wait. And wait. And wait…. until May 2nd when we are supposed to get a letter with her placement. There is a less than 50% chance she will get into this school because it only accepts a small number of students each year. If she doesn’t get in there, there is a 2 in 4 chance she will be placed in a less-than-ideal school because of the way this system works. In which case I would rip my hair out and cry a lot. At this point, there is nothing we can do but wait, hope, and pray that she gets into the school she is meant to go to and that will be the best fit for our family.


This evening we had some errands to run and ended up stopping at a chain restaurant to eat dinner. Our waitress was missing half of her left arm. Seriously, how strong of a person do you have to be, to be brave enough to become a waitress with only one arm? I was amazed and inspired.





I’m finally feeling better and so is everyone else in my house. If one of us gets sick again any time soon I don’t know what I'll do. I’ve developed a Lysol regimen and have handed out vitamins religiously. Now I think we just need some sunshine!







I downloaded a trial of Photoshop Elements 9 to tide me over until I get my Lightroom. I don’t like it nearly as much, but it will do.


Mama’s gotta slide, too!



clauren said...

Love the pics wow!! I have a feeling she will get into that school :) The girls are just so gorgeous I wish you guys lived close so they could play w the trips! Also, is your hair lighter or where have I been?! Can't wait to see you soon! Cass

K said...

I really hope you get the school you are hoping for! I know I've said it before, but it ticks me off that any mom has to worry about their child's school!!

Jennifer Kay said...

Even though you don't like it, the pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!

maren said...

Go to page 58 of this magazine...http://issuu.com/clickinmoms/docs/click-winter-2011....I think you could totally win/get your picture published with the hand holding the kite shot! Love it!

Susie said...

Love to see that the wind couldn't stop the girls from having fun!!

carolinagirl said...

Great photos. We'll be enjoying 70s today. WooHoo!

Love those pigtails!

1ne Proud Mama said...

Your camera takes amazing photos! What type of camera do you have?

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are so great! I hope that you get the school you hoped for! It looks like a fun day! I am visiting from Mama's Little Nestwork. Make sure to add your blog to the category it fits in if I have not done that already. I made changes in the Nestwork and you can add yourself to one or two categories. Also visit our feature Nestwork articles. That will start next week. Any member can write if you are interested. Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Holly said...

The pics are looking awesome! Love em!! Lotta people like Lightroom. I've never tried it. You def need to post on how you like it and all that!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Love the pics Steph!! You have gotten to be so awesome with your camera.

Jessica said...

I always love looking at your pictures! They are so good! As a kindergarten teacher, I understand how important it is for the parents to be comfortable and happy with the school their child is in! Prayers that everything works out perfectly!
Much Love,

Lana said...

Your pics are always amazing! What fun you all had! Hang in there with the school thing.

Brandi said...

Love the pics. I hope Summer gets into the school you want her to be in :)

Nicole said...

LOVE the pictures! Good luck with the school, I really hope she gets in!

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