January 25, 2011


I apologize for my inconsistent posting recently.


Not too much going on around here right now… just the usual work, preschool, and laundry.


Tomorrow I have to register Camryn for preschool, and next month I have to register Summer for Kindergarten. It seems like a few days ago that these days seemed years away.


On Saturday night, Erika and Patti came over to watch a movie and brought little Princess Gracie. I was totally a baby hog. I was hoping it would get the baby fever out of my system, but she is so cute and sweet that it made it worse! I think Joe might have caught a little of it too…

meandgracie mejoeandgracie

Ignore my face there.

Summer informed me a few days ago that she is going to be a rock star when she grows up.


Yesterday, Camryn asked me to taste her finger. I declined.


DSC_1176edit-4Oh natural, outdoor light, how I miss thee.


Everyone always freaks when they see our cat because of how big he is. He really is quite large… 16 lbs last we checked.


What a bunch of rambling! Hopefully after all these days of no posting lately, you’ll take it!


Stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures!

I laughed when I saw your cat - my parents have a cat that is at 19 pounds and - Oh my goodness he's huge!!!!

Should we be expecting another little one in your house soon since you got to be a baby hog? I can't stand looking at all these itty bitty babies - it's driving me insane and we can't have anymore :(

Susie said...

Cute pictures!!

K said...

I LOL'd about the "taste my finger!!!" Beautiful pictures, as always. :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! My parents have a cat that's over 20 lbs-he is huge!
Good luck with registering your girls. I remember last year I was shocked that it was time to register my son for Kindergarten...and now I'm registering my daughter for Pre-K. Where does time go?!?

Carol said...

Beautiful photos as usual. I had to LOL at the taste my finger thing!

Brandi said...

your girls have such big happy grins. I love it. :D

Brandi said...

Love the pictures and the post. Maybe you should do something about that baby fever? LOL

Dana said...

Your girls are adorable!! They sure do grow fast don't they?

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