January 21, 2011

Another Snow Day

Today is a snow day. We’re doing a whole lot of nothing right now, although I do have some laundry I should be catching up on, and a few clients who would probably like for me to be working on their designs. The girls would like to go out in the snow. The thought of getting all their layers and coats and gloves and hats on, for them to go out for 10 minutes and then want to come back in because it’s about 10 degrees out, sounds like SO MUCH fun, but I think I may distract them with Moon Dough instead.

Oh! Guess what? I am teaming up with Kelle Hampton, author of my favorite blog ever, Enjoying the Small Things, to contribute to her daughter Nella’s ONEderfund via Dirt and Lace Designs profits. To honor Nella’s first birthday, Kelle set up the ONEderfund, which has a goal of raising $90,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society. They already have over $78,000… amazing! I will be contributing 15% off all of my profits to the ONEderfund until Kelle has reached her goal of $90,000. Please consider donating directly to the fund if you don’t need a design product at this time!DSC_1079editHanging out in the “extra” room watching Tangled on Daddy’s computer. If you’re cool with watching movies that haven’t come out on DVD yet maybe not quite legally, check out this site. It’s free and easy and no you won’t get a virus. At least I haven’t.DSC_1086editThere is the reason I have to lint roll my bed constantly. She’s not technically allowed up there, but those of you with dogs that think they are people know how that goes…DSC_1094edit-5Our handsome kitty, Jack.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog--getting an update on what you all are up to and love the pictures too! Andrea and I have been having a snow day in Bowling Green too!
Love ya,
Aunt Ann

Stephanie said...

Love your bedding!!!! Where did that come from?

Also love what you're doing for a friend - that's awesome!

Missie said...

You're pictures are always so great to look at. Have a good week.

Emily said...

cute little puppy:) Love your bedding and I am cracking up that summer cut her hair!! ahhh!

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