January 16, 2011

Back in the Swing

I went four days without picking up my camera. I vow to never do that again. I missed it! She and I got reacquainted yesterday when the we went to my parents’ house to join family and friends in cheering on our Kentucky Wildcats.


Summer and Camryn loved these face stickers that my parents picked up for them at a UK football game.


This photo was gorgeous in color, but even more gorgeous in B&W. She was eating a grape, by the way.

DSC_0888edit55mm f/5.6 1/25 ISO1600

After the Cats demolished LSU, we sat around the fire for a bit.


Today we’re watching documentaries on Netflix while the girls play, I work, and Joe plays some silly computer game that he convinced me is not as addicting as World of Warcraft but might as well be because he ignores me just as much as when he played that.


Jessica Johnson said...

She cut A LOT of hair off. She still looks adorable though!

Monica said...

I thought I was the only documentary nerd. I watch them on Netflix all the time. Actually, I have a cousin that used to be a drug addict that is in a doc that is on Netflix. I'm happy to say that she is clean and a drug counselor today. :)

I'm with you, I think that pic of Cameryn is gorgeous! So is the one of Summer. You have beautiful girls.

K said...

Beautiful pictures!

Stephanie said...

I find there are days I struggle taking pictures too - I'm doing Project 365 though so I always take at least one picture a day. I love that about the project :)

Gorgeous pictures you got of the girls!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures!!

Mom2One said...

You always have amazing pictures on your blog. =) Inspires me to read up more on my camera, maybe even take a photography class. We love the Wildcats when it comes to basketball. They're amazing!!!!! Missed you on your little four day break!

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