December 7, 2010

A Visit With Santa

When my Mom and I took the girls to the mall today we didn’t plan on visiting Santa. I figured Joe and I would take them in the next few weeks. But they saw him and Camryn begged to go talk to him. You don’t tell a kid that they can’t talk to Santa when he is 20 feet away, so I told her she could. Summer did not want to at all. She said she wanted to come back next time with Daddy. She agreed to walk into the entrance with us at least, if my mom would carry her.

The ladies working there told me it was fine to take pictures with my own camera. I was really impressed with that, because last year at another mall, they wouldn’t let me use my camera unless I was standing way back outside the area and to the side. In fact, here are the pictures  took last year.


Camryn got right up there and told him she wanted Woody and a guitar and a Barney book. 


Camryn is sitting in my lap as I type this. She just said, “Mommy, I smelled Santa.”

“Really? What did he smell like?”

“Mountain Dew.”


Summer was still hesitant but Santa talked to her and asked her if she would stand on his stool for a picture. She obliged. Thank you, Santa.


She then told him that she wanted Moxie Girls and Liv Girls.

Hopefully Santa only remembers Liv Girls… I’d rather my kids not play with little toy hookers until they are at least 8.


I wish Santa’s arm wasn’t swallowing Camryn but otherwise, I think this year’s visit with Santa picture is perfect!


Britney said...

Santa smelled like Mt. Dew. That is adorable! Pictures are perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas,


Lindsay said...

I love the Santa smells lik Mt. Dew. Awesome. Also totally agree about the moxie girls - what is up with that?

Susie said...

Great Santa picture!!

-stephanie- said...

These are sweet. Their sweaters are adorable.

Mary said...

Those are the cutest and best Santa pictures! That is so nice they let you use your camera. They turned out perfect. Ha I also laughed when I read that he smelled like Mountain Dew. :)

Have a great day!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That last picture is really cute!
I'm with you on the Moxie Girls! My 3 year old keeps asking for one-no way!

Brandi said...

so sweet :)

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