May 30, 2010

More from Florida!

Here are more pictures from our vacation on Okaloosa Island.

I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday that we drove down to Destin and ate lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise. It was a great place. Our waiter was awesome and the food was excellent. They had unlimited french fries, and they were the best fries we had ever had. Joe got three plates full.IMG_6359 IMG_6363 IMG_6368

After we ate, we went to the Bass Pro Shop so the girls could see the fish and so the guys could buy more baits.  This was an observation window into the fish tank.IMG_6375

Summer and Camryn looooove to swim. They’re great at kicking around the pool in their float rings. IMG_6391 IMG_6399

Here are my mom, my dad, Wes, and Joe in the kayaks. Actually, Wes and Joe are in the water. This was after I had gotten out and switched places with my dad. IMG_6407

After the seashells started washing in, we had so much fun finding them. We brought them all out onto the balcony table and laid them out. Joe picked this one up and a crap popped out! He took him back down to the water after we took a picture. IMG_6424

While we were looking at our shells, my parents took the girls down to the pool. This was after we had bought them their floaties and Camryn was jumping into the water with my Dad’s help. IMG_6432

See the bird? IMG_6439

One of the oyster shells we found had barnacles all over it. Live ones. They moved and came out of the little holes. IMG_6444 IMG_6461

Miss Daredevil playing on the lilypads. When we went out there after she did this, my dad said she asked him, “Will you put me on one of those pickles?” IMG_6469

On Friday, the last full day we had there, we went to the Gulfarium. IMG_6476 IMG_6490 IMG_6503 IMG_6514

The dolphin and sea lion share a kiss :) IMG_6535

Joe holding a starfish in the “petting zoo”. IMG_6552 IMG_6553

We had to. IMG_6566 IMG_6575 IMG_6577

It’s Nemo and Dory! IMG_6585

After we got back from the Gulfarium, my parents watched the girls while Joe and I drove over to the Eglin AFB Armament Museum. We had spotted it driving in and Joe really wanted to go look at the planes. This one is his favorite, an SR-71 Blackbird.IMG_6608

This concludes post 2 of our vacation pictures. I’ve got one more group of pictures to show you, and then we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Those are soooo cool and the Gulfarium is awesome!

You got some great shells!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I have loved looking at your beach pictures!

Holly said...

Unlimited fries!? I'm there!! You guys did a lot of fun things! Makes me want to go on vacation!

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