May 3, 2010

Derby Party 2010

On Saturday, the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby was held. Every year, my parents have a Derby party at their house. Tons of family and friends come and we always have a great time betting on the horses and eating and talking.

With the Derby being right in the middle of Spring, the weather is always different. A lot of years, we get lucky and there is sun and great temperatures. Every once in awhile, it rains. And this year that is what it did. It rained and rained and rained. In fact, it barely stopped until last night.

My parents have a huge backyard, so we usually play badminton, hang out on the patio, and can spread out as much as we need to. This year we all had to stay in the house. It really wasn’t too bad though, my parents did a great job of setting up the basement and garage to accommodate everyone.

When my cousins and I were little, we always did some kind of craft at the party. One year I remember decorating straw “Derby” hats. We went a few years without doing anything special as we got older, but now that Summer and Camryn are big enough to enjoy things like that, my dad came up with something for this year. They decorated these cute metal buckets with stickers, and planted marigolds in them. They each made one, and then they made one for me. They loved it, and now I have cute flower pots. We’re going to spray them with something to protect the stickers from the rain, and then put them on our patio. They are so proud of their flowers!

IMG_5824edit2 IMG_5825edit2

Here are 4 of my beautiful cousins, Olivia, Rachel, Emily, and Sarah .IMG_5830edit2

Emily French braided Summer’s hair. It looked so cute, it’s too bad that I’m as bad at French braiding as I am at math. That’s really darn bad, for the record. IMG_5832edit2

Piling on Sarah. They love their cousins. IMG_5833edit2

The derby race itself was as exciting as always. I was happy that Super Saver, jockeyed by Calvin Borel (last year’s winning jockey), won. I had placed a bet on him and got a little bit of our betting money back.

On Sunday, we had a “Derby Recovery Day” at home, being really lazy. IMG_5840edit

That was our weekend. How was yours?


Susie said...

Sounds like fun!! The buckets were a very cute idea.

Fox Family said...

I want cute little buckets! HA Sounds like a fun weekend.

JC said...

Busy, but great! Glad to see you all looking so well and enjoying life. The girls are beauties!!!

Brandi said...

Fun! Love the flower pots. :) Our weekend consisted of rain and more rain... and today, yep, it's raining. :/

jennohara said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend! Ours was busy!
Your pictures are adorable as always :)

Missie said...

Even though you had a lot of rain, looks like everyone had a great time.

Cop Mama said...

Sorry about the rain. What great pics! I love the last one, so adorable!

Holly said...

That's neat you have a derby party. I'm sure it's a really big deal down there in Kentucky! I had a busy weekend. Women of Faith, March for Babies!

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