January 3, 2010

Our New Year's Eve

We spent this past New Year's Eve at my aunt Angie and uncle Mike's house. We all had a great time.

Summer and Camryn loved how nobody minded when they made a lot of noise.

Summer was putting "hair" on my aunt's dolls (she's half Japanese).

Camryn loves her cousin Sarah

Camryn wearing my mom's mask

Right after the ball dropped.

So sleepy :) They did great though.


jennohara said...

Great pictures! Looks like a great time :)

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Those were great photos! Lookin' pretty good that late at night. I'm not sure I'd look that put together :o)

Isn't it great - a night when the kids can make noise and it's actually OKAY!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Missie said...

I love your mom's New Year's mask!!

Kristine said...

Great pics! Glad you had a great New Years!

Terri said...

Great pics!

Your moms New Years mask is awesome!


Brandi said...

The girls are styln' in their little boots (the tiny shoes just get me)! Looks like y'all had a fun night. Great pics!

clauren said...

Great pics, we had a ball too!!

Brandi said...

Happy New Year!!! Love the pictures. It's always nice to ring in the new year with the ones you love :)

Bridgett said...

Awwww...we've never even tried to keep our kids up for New Years. Maybe we should. Not sure they'd make it though. LOL

Happy 2010!

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