January 3, 2010

Kicking the year off with a great giveaway!

Remember way back in October when I said I was going to be hosting a giveaway? The one where I posted a tiny teaser pic of what the prize would be and then left you all hanging for months? Well, the giveaway is starting today!

I was contacted by a lovely lady at CSNstores.com and asked if I would be interested in doing a review/giveaway for one of their children's items from their website, All Childrens Furniture .com I took a look around their site and said YES!

Everything that you can imagine, they have. Toys? Check. Furniture? Check. Nursery Bedding? Check. All at great prices from your favorite brands. You could do all of your Christmas shopping for your kids in one online shopping spree at this store.

They sell one of my favorite kid's brands, KidKraft, as well. KidKraft is the maker of Summer and Camryn's play kitchen, which is just adorable and still in great condition a year after we bought it. (Click here to read the post I wrote in January 2009, the day they got their kitchen!)

I chose to review a backpack made by Wildkin.

Isn't it adorable?! As soon as we received it, Summer and Camryn excitedly stuffed it with their toys and took turns wearing it around the house. They also use it to transport their things to their grandparents house.
It is the perfect size for a preschooler, and would be even better for kids in early grades of elementary school. Not huge, but big enough to hold folders and a few books, and those pencil pouches.

What I like best about the backpack is the unique design. The colors and the princess theme are just perfect for my two girls, who think they ARE princesses. Fairies, astronauts, construction, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of many themes you can choose from.

This particular backpack is currently priced at $29.99. For something that seems to be very well-made, is unique, and can be chosen to fit your child's personality so closely, I think that is a great price! There are many other backpacks on the site, prices less and more than this particular one, so take a look around here.

Here's the best part: I am giving away a Wildkin backpack with the design of your choice!

The giveaway will run from tonight until next Sunday night at midnight.

Even if you don't have a young child, these backpacks would make a great gift for a niece, nephew, cousin, friend's child, etc.

How to get entries:

*You must be a follower to enter.

*Every follower who leaves a comment telling me their favorite backpack design, by Wildkin, will get one entry. Find them here.

*Every follower who posts about the giveaway on their blog gets one extra entry.

*Every follower who tweets about the giveaway gets one extra entry.

Rules for entering:

*Maximum of 3 entries per person.

*You must link to this entry in your posts and tweets for the entry to count.

*You must leave me a comment with a link to your blog post/Tweet about the giveaway so I can make sure to count the extra entry.

*If you are a person who enters 25 giveaways a day and only has a blog or Twitter to gain more entries by posting about the giveaways... your entries won't count. Sorry.

That's all! Good luck! I will announce the winner next Monday :)


-stephanie- said...

Great giveaway! Great backpack. I couldn't decide which one my girls would like, because I loved them all, so I asked my youngest. She said the cats & dogs was her favorite.

carolinagirl said...

great giveaway! i love the ballerina backpack!!!

Bridgett said...

I'm a follower.

Bridgett said...

Since I just bought Parker his way cool lime green backpack from L.L. Bean this past summer, if I won, I'd give this backpack to Autumn.

And looking at the choices, there is no doubt in my mind she'd like the Dexture the Dog Plush backpack. :)

Great review and giveaway, Steph!

clauren said...

Cute Book shelf! I added it on mine, we should on Simply. Love the bag and giveaway idea.

Sara said...

My girls would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cat and Dog backpack. Great start to the year!

Tiffany said...

Here's my official entry stating that I like the Polka Dots Backpack. :) They're super cute!

amanda said...

the ballerina one is super cute. and it'd be great for my girls' ballet class!

Karen said...

Great Give-A-Way! I started looking at the boy ones first thinking if I won I'd get one for them. But I realized they both have a few back packs, but Jenna doesn't have any. So if I win I'd get one for her. My favorite girl one I'd pick for her is the Fairies!

Lesli said...

What a great give away... I like the polka dots back pack for my daughter and the jungle back pack for my son! Neither one of my kids have a back pack so this would be great. Thanks so much!!

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