January 16, 2010

Haiti, Watermarks, Designs, Wine, & Basketball

I made a graphic for my sidebar that links to the Red Cross donation page. You can donate there, or if you want to designate your donation specifically to the Haiti earthquake, you can mail it to the address provided. Whether you donate or not, please feel free to use the code below the graphic on my sidebar to add the graphic to your blog. I just wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to make a difference, and to show their support.

I was thinking earlier about internet safety and my concerns for putting my life out there for the world. As a proud mom, it's so hard not to share my precious girls with you all. I want to continue to do so, but there's always that voice in the back of my head that wonders if it is a good idea.

One thing I have considered is watermarking all of my photos that I post. My biggest concern is that my images will be stolen and used for purposes that I do not want to think about. With a watermark or logo over part of them, it would be a lot harder for that to happen.

Because I want all of you to feel safe sharing your kids' pictures, I want to offer to do free watermarks for anyone who requests them, between now and next weekend. Use it on every picture, or only use it for certain ones. At least you will have it! Just comment here or send me an e-mail via that contact link up there if you want one.

Dirt and Lace Designs got a makeover for the new year last week. I can't decide if I like it or not... but the set-up with the drop-down menu I am liking quite a bit! I am taking orders for next week, so if you are wanting a makeover for your blog, or just a new header, e-mail me! I do quality work. And I'm nice. And I don't charge a ridiculous amount. Here are a few blogs I did recently... and I'm not sharing them to show off, I actually want you guys to go visit them because the bloggers are awesome:

I suppose while I'm here I may as well update you on my little life. I feel like I've been kind of MIA this week.

Today Joe got off work early and we went to the grocery store. Then we came home and I made black bean soup, which was delicious. Girls got baths. I drank a glass of wine.

I had to add that. I hate wine. But this wine... it was good. It made me feel like a real woman when I drank it. Because all women drink wine. Or at least all the women I know. Haha.

Tomorrow at 4pm, my Kentucky Wildcats are playing a basketball game against Auburn. My UNDEFEATED Kentucky Wildcats. Oh, how they bring me joy. You have no idea how big of a deal this is to us UK fans. We breathe college basketball here in Kentucky. Hopefully tomorrow we will continue our winning streak! Joe and I and the girls will be watching the game at my parents' house, amongst lots of good food!

Our other weekend plans consist of getting receipts together from all the improvements we have made on our house this past year, because we are going to be doing our taxes on Monday. I can't wait.... something about knowing we are going to be getting a bunch of money soon makes me really happy.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


clauren said...

I would like a water mark :)

I will be requesting a blog makeover soon.

Woman and wine :) A suggestion, start off drinking the sweet reislings, such as Dr.Lossens, then you will gradually end up loving the reds!

Go UK :) Have a great wknd love! Cass

Monica said...

I had you figured for a U of L girl. It's nice to know you're a UK fan like me. :) I KNOW what a big deal today's game is. My boss is from Tn, so you can imagine how I've been ragging him about those Tn Thugs. LOL. So if the cats don't win today, I'm not going to work on Monday. LOL.

I don't even know what a watermark is. You should have explained it to computer dummy readers like me.

Monica said...

Wait... They're playing Auburn today.

Amy said...

Hey no making fun of Auburn allowed! :) War Eagle!

Steph, you're so sweet, thanks for posting my blog button! You did such an amazing job, I'm sure you'll be totally booked soon!

Stephanie said...

Monica - I realized that this morning! Lol. Changed the post.

Go Cats :)

Sara said...

I would love a watermark! I've been having those same thoughts in the back of my head too...should I really post all these pictures? But I love to share my girls, so I post them.

Kristin said...

That is so amazing of you! I would love to have a watermark. I have shared very few pics of my lil' dude on our blog because I'm afraid to . : )

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend..
Mine was filled with the dreaded word...
RENOVATION..I know you know that word all too well...
I have a question about the watermark..
How do you apply it? You mentioned sometimes you can use it and other times not..
You can email me the answer...if that is easier for you..thanks.

Tiffany Lockette said...

So who won the game, Kentucky or Auburn? You know I am a HUGE Auburn fan? That is where I am from and hope to move back to one day!! Hope we didn't spoil your perfect season but knowing us we didn't. We suck at basketball, have for years.

Holly said...

I have thought of the internet safety before and I would certainly love a watermark. I don't plan on getting a new look for my family blog right now but I would in the future so I'll look you up then!!

JC said...

A watermark sounds good, but not sure how it works. Thanks for helping us all out. You are such a giver. :)

Terri said...

I would love a watermark as well!

I have the same question how do you apply it if you want to use it on some pics and not on others... is it easy?

You can email me as well :)

Thanks so much!
Hugs Terri

Missie said...

I would love a watermark. Thanks so much!

Bridgett said...

Is it too late to request a watermark? I'm so behind! Ugghhh.

We'll be getting our taxes soon too. Of course, most of it will be paying off debt. Blah.


Tiffany said...

I have no idea how you'd even put a watermark on a photo, but if you're still offering them let me know. :)

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