December 23, 2009

Venting for both of our benefits...

...because writing it all out may help me feel less like punching a wall, and it may help you feel better because you get to be glad you aren't me today.

My morning started at 6:20am today. I awoke to the familiar feeling of a full bladder. It's something I've gotten used to having every single night or early morning since having babies.
I got out of bed, sat down on the toilet, and OHHHH, DID IT BURN. I had felt this way once before, some time last year when I had a bladder infection.

A bladder infection, right before Christmas. And this wasn't just any bladder infection, it went from zero to sixty in one pee. It was excruciating, and every time I would try to lay back down I would immediately feel like if I didn't get back on the toilet, I would wet the bed.

I alternated from my bed to the living room chair and back again, stuck a heating pad between my legs to try to confuse my brain into thinking it didn't really hurt, and waited until 8:45am when my doctor's office opened. I made an appointment right away, and they got me in for 10am. I rushed around getting myself and the girls ready, and off we went.

She saw me right away, they did a urine test, which of course was positive, wrote me two prescriptions, and sent me on my way. I have to take antibiotics and these little pills that make my urine turn awesome colors for a few days. I already feel much better, thank goodness.

After we left the doctor's office, I decided to run by Dr. Bizer's, since it was just a couple minutes away. I needed some new contacts, because I have been out of them for a month or so and I am getting really sick of wearing glasses all the time. I was hoping that I would finally have some, right before Christmas.

I got the girls out and we went inside and up to the desk. I told the girl I would like to get some new contacts. She looked me up in their system and said, "Your prescription has expired. You will have to get a contact exam before you can get a new prescription." WHAT?! Contact exams are $50-something plus all kinds of fees. My eyes are the same as they were a year ago. I mumbled something about coming back another time and left, feeling very proud of myself for not causing a scene and demanding to speak to a manager, which is what I wanted to do.

After that failure, I thought, "Well, at least I can go get my prescriptions filled and get some groceries." We headed to Kroger. The first thing we did was drop off my prescriptions. He said it would be 30 minutes. Perfect, I can grab a few things and then get the medicine and head home. We spent the next 30 minutes walking around the store leisurely, picking up stuff that we needed. Well, I was doing that, Summer and Camryn were picking up stuff we didn't need and I was doing my best to keep it out of the cart. I was so glad to be getting that over with, because otherwise I would have to do it tomorrow, in the Christmas Eve madness.

After we were done shopping, I pushed the full cart of groceries over to the pharmacy counter to pick up my prescriptions. I gave her my name, she rung me up, I signed the electronic thing, and I wrote a check. She stuck the check in the machine and it spit it back out. She tried again. Out it came. She walked away for a minute, and came back with a man. He looked at the check, and said, "We can't take temporary checks." AHHH! Of COURSE. I hadn't even realized that's what I had given them. I checked my purse. Nothing else. We changed banks a month or so ago, and I wasn't there when Joe opened the account, so he has the only debit card. I told them that I would be back later to pick them up.

As I was walking towards the checkout lane, I realized that they might not take temporary checks up there either. But, I had a full cart of groceries, two kids that were getting restless, and I had to take a chance. Besides, if Kroger doesn't take temporary checks, then who the heck does?

I loaded up the conveyor belt, gave the cashier my Plus card and a coupon, wrote a check, and what do you know? The check wouldn't go through. He called the manager over, who asked me to follow him over to the customer service desk.

I just knew that everyone in the store was staring at me. I knew that they all thought that my credit card had gotten denied. I knew that they were all feeling sorry for that young mom with those poor little kids. (Note: In reality, I doubt anyone really noticed.)

He made a phone call, to my bank I presume, to find out if there was a way that he could charge my account. I guess there wasn't because he said that he would be glad to keep my cart in his office until I could pick them up.

I had called my mom before, to ask her if she could come get my prescription after she was done with work. I called her back and explained the situation, and asked if she could get the groceries too. She agreed, because she is awesome. The girls were riding the horse and firetruck rides in the font lobby as I called Joe and told him about all my horrible experiences. He said he was 5 minutes away from Kroger and would come by and pay for the stuff.

I called my mom back, and she was relieved to not have to come deal with all of that. The girls rode the rides about 80 more times as we waited for Joe, while I stood there wishing I had a toilet to sit on.

He got there, we paid for it all without any issues, and finally, I left to go home and feed the girls lunch. It was 1pm by this time, so we were starving. "This day couldn't have gotten much worse," I told myself, relieved to be leaving all of that ridiculousness behind.

And then, as I reached into my purse to get out my phone, I got a paper cut. Seriously. It can ALWAYS get worse.

Don't worry. I know that compared to war and cancer, I had it pretty easy today.

I feel better now.


Kati said...

Man.. what a day! I am sorry about your bladder infection and the checks.. total bummer. But christmas is almost here :)

Susie said...

I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Praying that tomorrow that you have a better day and you are feeling better. Your mom is awesome in saying she would come help you out. Mom's are good at that, as you should know being a mom yourself.

clauren said...

Awe hun what a shitty day!!! Hope tomorrow brings a better one! I've had an infection so bad I peed blood! OUCH I KOW YOUR PAIN!!! Hang in there.

Bridgett said...

Yea, I'd be ripping my hair out too.

But the good thing is, you were able to get into the many are closed already this time of the year.

So that's something positive at least. :D

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, what a day!! You need some pampering! Paper cuts are awful! They're so tiny and they hurt like heck!

Karen said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. My Christmas Eve has started off bad with my oldest son waking up with a fever and throwing up. *sigh*

Kristine said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. Days like that always get worse and worse, no matter what you do, lol! Hope the UTI clears up fast. And try for contacts...that's what I use so I can put off having an exam for a couple years, lol. They ship fast too!

Merry Christmas!

Kari @ p.s. said...

I've had many of those days - sorry it happened right before Christmas. Hope you're feeling better. Aren't you glad for the horses inside Kroger or else what would your kids have done????

Merry Christmas.

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