December 14, 2009

Meeting the Big Man

Joe and I and the girls went to the mall on Saturday to do some shopping.

We hadn't planned on doing the Santa thing that day. We knew it would be really crowded, so we thought we would go back during the week.

As we were leaving, we noticed that there were only 2 people in line. The girls were pulling on our arms, saying, "We HAVE to talk to Santa." So, in line we went.

I didn't want to pay 27 effing dollars for two 4x6's, so I took my own pictures.

They make you stand behind a line at a horrible angle when you do that.

Here are the pictures I got of Summer and Camryn's very first visit with Santa Claus.

They weren't afraid of him at all. Went right up there and started chatting away. Summer told him she wanted the Tinkerbell movie, and Camryn said she wanted Starbucks. He thought she said stocking. I let him think that, because really, what 2-year-old wants Starbucks for Christmas? One who belongs to a white chocolate mocha addicted mommy, perhaps? No need to air our dirty laundry to Santa.

They were so excited to have gotten to talk to him. I'm hoping they hold on to that excitement for awhile, so, " You'd better stop biting your sister/pooping in your underwear/drawing with your mashed potatoes, or Santa is going to put you on the naughty list!" will continue to work in my favor.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Susie said...

Cute pics. I wish Ellie would go sit on Santa's lap, but she is so scared this year for some reason.

gomillion and one... said...

Cute pics. Chase is going to meet him next weekend for the first time. I hope he smiles like your girls.

Brandi said...

Awww they are so sweet. I'm glad they enjoyed talking to Santa.

Tiffany Lockette said...

They look like they are in "deep" conversation with the big man, too cute! Hope Santa brings them all their little heart desires.

EmilytheCreative said...

Cute!!! I use the Santa/naughty list thing lots!!!

Brandy said...

How funny..they look so serious talking to him!

Holly said...

They look so excited! Hopefully it'll work a little longer! hahaha

Melissa said...

Those are really cute pictures! They are do look super excited to be talking to Santa! I'm taking Aiden to see Santa on Friday. I hope I don't have to sit with Santa to get a picture again this year!

Bridgett said...


We used this SO MUCH this time of year.

"Parker, do you want put on Santa's naughty list?"

"Autumn...quit being a tattle-tale or Santa's writing your name on the naughty list."

Works like a charm. :)

The pictures are so cute and I'm so jealous that your girls were so comfy with Santa. Autumn isn't AT ALL.

Parker's doing okay these days, but Santa can't understand a word he says. LOL

We're going tonight...wish me luck. ;)

BTW, cracking up at the Starbucks thing. LOL

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