October 16, 2009

In Dirt and Lace Land...

*Summer has been walking around in a pair of my heels for two days. She can walk better in them than I can. (That photo is from July 2008, so clearly she's been practicing for a long time.)

*I'm on cup of coffee #2 #3, it's been a slow morning. Why is coffee so much better when you know it's cold outside?

*I just sneaked away from the living room to use the bathroom in peace for once, and they STILL found me.

*My aunt came over a couple days ago and gave us two huge bags of my cousins' old dance costumes. The girls are having so much fun dressing up, and I think we may use a couple of them as their Halloween costumes this year - we're thinking either princesses or fairies.

*Monday was my Uncle Bobby's birthday. We went and visited him at the cemetery. We took him a big bunch of Mums from my mom's house, and sang him Happy Birthday. We also stopped by my Granddaddy's grave while we were there, and left him some flowers. It makes me so sad that neither of them got to meet Joe or my kids.

at Grandaddy's grave
*My Nanaw and my great aunt Mary Jo came over the day that my aunt did, and we had a nice visit. I miss my Nanaw a lot, because her and my Papaw live a few hours away. They have been trying to sell their house for a few years so that they can move back up here, but no luck. Maybe this will be the year. I'm trying to get them to find a house in my neighborhood.

*Joe was sick for the last few days. It seemed to be a bad head cold or sinus infection, with body aches. He spent the last few days in bed trying to recover. He's a bit better today, and went to work. Hopefully he's making it through the day alright. And hopefully the girls and I can stay healthy. I've been eating an apple every night before bed. You know, to keep the doctor away...

*I just found out a friend of mine is pregnant. Yay for playmates for Summer and Camryn!

*I'll be doing that review and the accompanying giveaway either later today or Monday. I just need to clear out a few of the hundreds of pictures in my camera first.

*I feel really lazy on days like this, where we stay in our pajamas. I have a question for the stay at home/work from home moms... Do you get yourself and your kids dressed every day even if you have no plans to go anywhere?


-stephanie- said...

I love lazy days. My one daughter will stay in p.j.s all day, my other daughter will get dressed right away. I will stay in p.j.s until late afternoon, then get dressed. Feels like I accomplished something if I get dressed. :o)

Kaileigh said...

On cold days, I definitely tend to stay in pj's or other comfy clothes much longer.

Love the heels, your girls are too cute!!!

Holly said...

Kyndra likes walking around in my heels. She thinks it's so much fun!! It is sad that loved ones that are no longer here can't meet our families.

Cynthia said...

Seeing that picture of Summer in your shoes reminds me of my niece, she is 11 now and still loves shoes.

I know what you mean about kids not getting to meet passed loved ones. My only living grandparent isn't do good and it could be any day and it kills me that she won't get to meet my babies. It stinks

I love Pj days and when I have kids I am sure we will have plenty of those!

I commented!!!!


Stephanie said...

I love the shoe picture...she looks very talented in them :)

We do get dressed everyday no matter what. I don't know why but I just feel crappy when I don't. I always feel much better about myself if I'm dressed and the kids are ready. I have talked to others though that love to stay in their pjs all day...I wish I was like that :)

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

I shower and go to the bathroom with an audience and have for over 4 years. Fun :o)
I'm a SAHM/WAHM and I get us all dressed everyday. I've tried staying in the pj's and it doesn't work. I get antsy. My daughter likes to put on about 10 outfits a day, so keeping pj's on her doesn't work either :o)

Bernadette said...

Pey still loves to sneak in my closet and swipe my heels. She just tried to convince me to buy her a hundred dollar pair of boots! hahaha...no

I was just telling Pey something about the year my dad was born...said "your Pappy was born in 1943" ...she replied "so what, I don't even know my Pappy." I almost cried right then and there. It sucks, but we make do with honorary Grandpas like Chris' uncle and my SIL's dad is Grampa to my kids.

We get dressed in lazy clothes on lazy days, like sweats...and not always when we first get up. I always get up and make myself at least presentable...I hate being surprised by the door. ...and I HAVE to put on shoes, I ALWAYS have shoes on..unless I'm showering ;)

Bridgett said...

We usually get dressed...in something. Even if it's just a robe and fuzzy socks. LOL

I get dressed everyday, for the most part, because you never know who's going to drop by and I hate looking like shit when people visit. :D

That's too cute that Summer's wearing your heels. Autumn hasn't really shown any interest in mine. Of course, I rarely wear them anymore.


Kristine said...

I hear you on the bathroom...I try to take baths at night while Kev's here and somehow Rylee always manages to find me and ask if she can watch..doesn't she have better things to do? Lmao!

Susie said...

Your girls are so adorable. As for getting dress yes we do I just don't feel right if we don't. I would hate if someone stops by and I look bad.

Chantelle said...

The heels piture is too cute!

I get dressed every day, to some extent. I guess I am different because no one ever rings my doorbell, so I don't give a crap if I look like crap. We don't have any family here, so there are no "pop-in's".

But, showering is a MUST. It may be late afternoon before I get to it if I've been cleaning or something, but it's a must. If I know that we're going out that day, then I'll shower and we'll get ready. If I know we're staying home then I shower and put on clean pj's or lounge clothes. And I definitely don't get my kids dressed if we aren't going out. Emma is already dressed because of school, but I see no need in dirtying up more clothes to wash, just to be inside all day. They take a bath that night and put on clean jammies :)

gomillion and one... said...

Okay I didnt comment before but I was in a hurry. I'm so sorry love!

I love the pic of her feet in your heels. One of the cuter aspects of having a girl vs a boy. Its not as cute when Chase wears mine. ♥

JC said...

No way! We sometimes spend the day in dirty clothes. LOL ;)

Tiffany said...

Today we all stayed in our jammies all day. Somedays we get dressed, even if we're not going out. Other days we lounge around being lazy all day. :)

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