September 5, 2009

Rhinos and Meerkats and Hippos, oh my!

On Thursday, my mom and I decided to take Summer and Camryn to the zoo for a bit. The weather was perfect... it was warm, but cloudy, so it felt just right.

Here's the mandatory Kids on the Rhino picture. I think every person in Louisville has a picture of themselves on this thing, including myself!

I LOVE the Meerkats. They are so funny to watch, we couldn't stop laughing at them. I'm pretty sure this same Meerkat is sitting in this position every time I go there, I have a picture exactly like this from a few months ago.

As we were walking down the path to get to the Gorilla building, Camryn tripped over one of the Gorilla footprints indented in the concrete, and landed right on her head. She cried for a minute, but when we tried to sit down she said she wanted to see the Gorillas. She's a tough girl! The swelling is gone as of today, just a little bruise left.

Another one of my favorites is the Pygmy Hippo. She walks back and forth under water, coming up for air every few minutes. She decided to sit right next to the glass while we were there. This next picture is of Camryn trying to jump off the ledge as the Hippo swam over, she thought it was going to get her.

It was a fun trip, as always!

. . .

Joe has been helping his dad move and work on his house every single spare minute he has. Including right now. Lets just say, I can't wait until he is settled into this house. I did help them yesterday. He is officially moving in all of his stuff now, and we made the first big haul with the moving truck. My arms feel a bit rubbery today but it was a good workout carrying all of those boxes! I can't imagine what Joe and his dad feel like. His dad has a huge safe for rifles and what not, I'd say it weighs 1000 lbs but that's probably an exaggeration. It took the three of us plus Joe's sister Jessica to get it up the steps onto the porch and into the house. I was pretty sure someone was going to get their legs crushed but we averted all injuries.

I'm going to try to clean up the house a bit and get some laundry done. My parents are having a cookout this evening, and my brother is home from school this weekend, so the girls and I will probably head over there to eat and visit. I'm hoping Joe comes home early enough to join us, but I'm not counting on it.

Sunday is my aunt Susan's birthday, so I think we're all going to her house for lunch and cake tomorrow. Joe is off work Monday, and I'm hoping we can go to the science museum.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend!


Richard said...

Awesome pics of the zoo. The picture of Camryn trying to run away from the hippo made me laugh.

Mom's birthday should be fun, too. :P

Brandi said...

Love the Zoo pictures :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Ouch that's one nasty bump! My son is sporting a very similar one right now. Love the zoo pics! Have a good weekend!

Susie said...

The zoo trip is always a fun trip. Glad you all enjoyed yourself. Enjoyed the pic as always. Have a happy holiday also.

Chantelle said...

Looks like youhad a nice zoo trip, aside from the bump on the head! :( Have a great weekend! :)

Bernadette said...

The pics are cute..looks like y'all had a good time :)

Bridgett said...

Poor Camryn. That's a nasty boo boo she got.

Those meerkats are hilarious!!! They're certainly not modest, are they? LOL


Holly said...

It's fun at the zoo! Poor Camryn! She sure banged herself up good!

Stephanie said...

I hope you guys got to spend some family time together today!!! It's hard when they are gone all the time...David has been working a good bit lately so of course that leaves me here with the can get stressful.

Love those pics and glad that the bruise is getting better...that looks like it hurt!

Stephycce said...

Looks like you guys had fun!
Our zoo is pretty boring.
Glad the swelling on her bump went down.

Tiffany said...

Awww I want a pygmy hippo! ;)

hungeryjack said...

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