August 18, 2009

Short Answers

Summer, almost 3 & Camryn, just turned 2

What year were you born?

S: I was a little baby. I had blood on my belly, right?
C: Umm. I was a baby.

Why do people wear deodorant?

S: On their shoulders. Because they're hot.
C: Uhhhhhh

What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

S: Chicken
C: Nuffing

What is a president?

S: I don't know. Don't laugh!
C: Nuffing

Where would you like to take your family on vacation some day?

S: The park!
C: Grandmom's

This has been part of Abigail Kraft's "Short Answers". To participate, go to her blog.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Isn't this fun!? These answers are such a sweet reminder of the innocence and preciousness of little people. They just don't get all there is to get in life - and praise God they don't! ha! I loved visiting. Your little girls are adorable. :)
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

clauren said...

I love it! You need another vlog interview with them!

Hannah said...

How cute! I love their answers! It was so fun to ask my brothers and sister as well. :)


Holly said...

Haha grandmoms. Of course!!!

Molly said...

How hilarious!

Susie said...

How sweet from the innocence of children. They are to adorable.

carolinagirl said...

So cute!!!

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Abigail Kraft said...

lol. So adorable! I love how Summer said she would buy chicken with a million dollars--a bunch of the kids have said something food related. I think I've found the child's weak spot! :D lol.

Thanks for joining in! I really love your blog design! It looks really awesome! And the name is great too--gives a really interesting visual. Love it all! :)

Have a great week, and I hope you'll come back next week to join in again! :)

In His arms,

Kaileigh said...

This is so cute, I loved the president one, "I don't know, don't laugh!"

Bridgett said...

Seriously ROFL!

Summer could buy A LOT of chicken with a million dollars. :)

Love the 'nuffing too. LOL

Stephycce said...

Haha too cute!

Tiffany said...

Cute! :) I told Cassie I should do this! ;)

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