July 6, 2009

But Mommy, they are just so convenient.

I'm sitting in the living room, answering e-mails. Summer walks in from her room, and hands me a diaper.

Summer: Here you go.

Me: A diaper? Thanks.

Summer: You're welcome!

She runs back to her room, and comes back a few seconds later with the box of wipes. She hands them to me.

Me: Wipes, too?

Summer: Yes. You can use them if you want to.

Me: Uhh, do I need to change your Pull-Up?

Summer: Yea.. I pooped a lot.

Me: Why didn't you tell me so you could go on your potty?

Summer: I just don't want to.

Ahhhhhhh! I don't want to force her when she isn't ready, but I'm starting to think that if it is up to her, she's still be in diapers in her thirties.

Gotta end this now, Camryn is carrying a kitten around in a cake pan.

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Alicia said...

Too funny! It was frustrating with my daughter...we started rewarding her and that helped out some.

EmilytheCreative said...

How old is she again? JK trained a month shy of his 3rd bday and Zoey was 2.5. Have you tried prizes for potty training?

Stephanie said...

She's going to be 3 in August.

We've done M&M's, marshmallows, etc. Next on the list is stickers.

Tiffany said...

I feel your pain! Mine is over 3 and just refuses to crap on the potty. She'll pee all day every day, but never poop! UGHHHHHHHH! Pretty funny that Summer brought you a diaper and wipes. Mine won't even tell me when she poops.

Leslie said...

Hey girly ;) Oh that pic is too cute. Danielle read this entry with me. She thought it was cute too & thought it was funny. Its funny but i know what your going thru lol. Danielle refused to poop on the potty. Pee she was ok
with pretty much. It took quite awhile she finally went potty when she was 4. So please just keep trying & keep encouraing her. Before you know it she will surprise you one day & want to just do it. I found out by not talking to D too much about it. One day she just said she was ready to be a big girl & try. After that it was good. Have a good week girl :) xo

Susie said...

My daughter and I started using big girls panties instead of pull-ups and it seems to work better. With the pull-ups it was just like a diaper,but when she has the big girl panties on she doesn't like them wet. As for going on the potty when she has to poop she doesn't like sitting there to do it.

Ms.Emily said...

olivia really liked the idea of money. yep. money. she had this piggy bank she really liked and it sang when you put a coin in it

so everytime she would use the potty she got to put a coin in it

(its funny when I was telling her she shouldnt go in her panties anymore I threatened her with using her coins to do the laundry, haha)

she will get it :) just be patient!


BirdsMama said...

I call it private pooping! Some of us still have this issue to this day!! LOL!! I'll have to come back to this post when we start training....however we have a bit! Cute pic!!

Stephanie said...

Oh that's too funny! She'll kill you for that picture when she gets older :)

Karen said...

Justin was a tough one to train. We did rewards, candy, praise, special outings, etc...nothing worked. We finally went the naked route, letting him be naked all day, and that's what worked for us. Getting him to poop was still a struggle, he'd beg for a diaper. Finally at 3.5 years old he was fully trained!

Moms On The Go said...

That is cute!

Bridgett said...


Somehow, my mom had me potty trained at around 18 months. I'm still trying to figure out how she managed that one.

Autumn was 3 when she finally trained.

And Parker was 6. Granted, his were special circumstances, but still.

Oh, and I'm still giggling about Cameron, the kitten, and the cake pan. LOL

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