July 5, 2009

Another New Look, and a Request

Yes, I've changed my blog again! What do you think? It's kind of addicting once you kind of know what you are doing. I will probably leave it like this for awhile, though. I've spent wayyyy too long working on it today!

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July. We had a nice time at my aunt and uncle's house, although it rained the whole time and we didn't set off a single firework. No pictures, either, since I forgot my camera battery was about to die.

I have two big blog things coming up... my one year bloggaversary on July 7, and my 200th post, which will be whenever I write 12 more posts! I'm thinking of doing some type of giveaway or contest. I'm not sure yet, so stay tuned for details.

A few days ago, I got word of a family that desperately needs your thoughts and prayers. Kate McRae, a beautiful little girl, was diagnosed with a brain tumor just this past Monday after going to the doctor for hand tremors. She has already had one surgery, and will undergo much more. Her future and the treatment plan are not clear at this point, so all we can do is support this family as they undergo an unimaginable journey, and hope and pray for a miracle for Kate. Please go HERE to read the McRae's journal, and to write in their guestbook.

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Stephanie said...

I'm lovin' the new look!!!! So neat! I wish I knew what I was doing so I could take a stab at it...that's so not the case though!

Yay for all the upcoming events you have....what kind of giveaway do you have in mind....I think whatever you decide will be totally awesome :)(that sounded alittle early 90s,didn't it? :)

I hate when I go somewhere and my battery is going dead....that's happened more than once and I always kick myself when it happens. I also heard about Kate a few days ago and have been following her carepage...I'm praying for her..she's such a precious little girl! Makes me realize how blessed we are to have healthy children!

Missie said...

I would love to do my blog like this. Can you send me directions? Also, how do you get your signature on your blog? i had to pay to have someone do mine because I couldn't get it to work.

Bridgett said...

Looks great!
This coming October will be 6 years of hardcore blogging for me. Still can't believe it's been that long.

My 900th post is coming up. Maybe I'll have a giveaway for my 1000th. LOL


Leslie said...

Hey girl :) I am loving the new blog look. You
are getting really good at this hun. It looks great. Im glad you all had a nice 4th. Sorry about the rain though bummer. The past few yrs in Fl is rained every 4th of July. This yr it didnt thank God, lol. Bummer you didnt get to take pics either. But agian glad you all had fun. Wow your one yr bloggaversary is coming up & 200th post awesome. I know i have been blogging i think 6 or so yrs now. Time flys. I look fwd to seeing who you will celebrate it. My gosh thats so sad sbout that little girl :( My thoughts & prayers go out to her & her family. I will go the blog. ttys, have a good week xo

Holly said...

Like the new look! I love giveaways! teehee

amanda said...

new look looks great!! but now i have a question for you! :0) what size 'pic' if that's how you do, do your sig, do you use? i've tried to do my own cute sig and it looks not so good. ANNND how did you do the cute font for your title on your posts? is it a long process? i saw one tutorial and didn't do it because it was so confusing. :0) thanks!

Ms.Emily said...

love the new look!

we went to the lake minus olivia (she was with tony) for the fourth..it rained on and off but at least the firework show went on..

so it was quiet and low key for us.

happy upcoming bloganni!

Terri said...

Love the new look!

You did it yourself? I wish I was talented like that and could make layouts, graphics and such...

Happy Bloggerversary!!


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