June 12, 2009

More Potatoes

Places where I have found potatoes:

-In the kids' play kitchen microwave.

-In between the stove and our "pantry" aka boxes of food stacked up in the kitchen.

-In the dog's bag of food

-The hallway

-Under my bed

-Under the kitchen sink

-In the kids' toybox

Have you ever smelled a rotten potato? I shudder thinking about finding any more potatoes in the next few weeks. Let's hope we got them all.

So many people are wanting answers to the April Rose situation. Hopefully we get closure and Beccah gets the help she obviously needs. I did read the Chicago Tribune article, and it was good to see that she has admitted to what she has done. I hope we get the apology blog post that she claims she will write. With that said, I forgive her. Mental illness is a powerful thing.

I know I'm really slacking on posting pictures here lately. Many are coming, I promise. I just need to clear out my camera a bit.

Summer has somehow gotten flour all over her head so I'd better go. Is it humane to tie your kids to you with a rope?

UPDATE: Now With Photo


Holly said...

Ewww rotten potatoes! Not a good smell! I hope you do find them all! If I can remember I will stop by wombtobloom.

Bridgett said...

LMAO...oh my goodness! How did she get all that in her hair? Poor mommy. I guess that probably calls for an immediate bath and hair washing, huh?

And rotten potatoes smell BAD. Really bad. Believe me, you'll know soon enough if you didn't find them all. :)


EmilytheCreative said...

I hope you find all the potatoes! That is funny though. And Summer.. lol.. that girl is a hoot!

Audrey said...

Stephanie, I love the new blog and I'm so excited about your new business! Good Luck with it! Oh, and I'll be ordering a shirt as soon as I figure out which one I want!

Stephanie said...

yes I have smelled rotten potatoes and oh my there really isn't anything quite like it!

Love the flour photo...looks like a little old lady with grey hair :)

-stephanie- said...

Funny! You need to invest in a pantry, real quick. :o)

Monica said...

OMG! I'm glad you take the time to take pics of all the everyday things... I wish I would have done that when my boys were the age of your girls. I'm trying to get better at taking pics now though. But they HATE it when I have my camera out all the time. LOL

Kristine said...

LOL! I can't say I've ever smelled a rotten potato.

That pic is too funny!

Leslie said...

Hey girl. I have to say again first of all, the new blog look looks great. I love it. 2nd that pic of Summer, lol. How did she get all that in her hair, lol. Oh and yeah rotten potatoes nasty smell for sure, eww, lol. Hope all is well & you all have a good weekend. ttys xo

JC said...

summer had cake mix all over face the other day. wish I would've gotten a picture. I don't know about the rope, but maybe a leash? LOL

Tiffany said...

I really hope you find all the potatoes and don't have to smell one rotten to find it! Eww! LOL Funny girls you've got there though. HAHA.

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