June 14, 2009

A Baby Shower

Yesterday I went to my friend Audrey's baby shower. It was really nice.... Her mom had planned it all, and it was held at her house in the backyard. There was good food, games, and the girls had fun running around playing with all the kids there. I even won one of the games... the one where you guess which melted candy bar is in the diaper. I know my candy bars!


Camryn with Audrey's mom

Today I have some shirts to work on, and we will be going over to my Grandmother's house to get the rest of our stuff. Joe is on his way back from a house that he went to look at with his Dad. His dad is probably going to be putting an offer in on it. It's about 30 minutes away, in the country. It's an older farmhouse, but in good shape. And it comes with 18 acres! It's mostly woods I believe, but there are some fields. I'm hoping he decides he wants horses :)

Time for me to clean up the messes the girls have made so we can get ready to go. Have a nice Sunday!


carolinagirl said...

Hope you've had a great Sunday. Your little girls are such cutie pies!!! Congrats on the candy bar game. We played that at one of our showers too. :)

Leslie said...

The baby shower sounded really fun. Im glad all of you had a great time. bay showers are always fun. I enjoyed all the pics. The girls are just soo cute ;) Congrats on winning the one game too, yeah. Hope you had a good night & day tomm. ttys

Bernadette said...

The girls looks too cute :)

Sounds like it was a great shower!

Brandy said...

I ran across your blog through a friend of a friend who had a friend of yours....anyway I promise Im not a wierd-O stalker! I enjoy reading your new house blogs because me and my husband just did the same thing! It's very exciting and Tiring at the same time!!
Feel free to visit my blog www.yesterdaysmemoriestomorrowsdreams2.blogspot.com

Oh, I am soo stealing your candy bar in the diaper game for my sisters shower later this month!


Kristine said...

Cute pics! Your friend looks adorable.

Bridgett said...

She looks so cute pregnant! Love her maternity dress.

Your girls are always dressed so adorably.

And 18 acres! Sounds like my granddad. When he was a little younger (he passed away when I was pregnant with Parker), he bought up half the county my parents live in. He has thousands of acres of land. It's crazy...but kind of cool too. :)

Sorry I'm so late making rounds. My in-laws are visiting and I just haven't had much free time.


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