March 21, 2009

Remodel Day 1

Thursday I officially became a homeowner. We met our real estate agent at the house to do one last walk-through, and then headed to our mortgage broker's office. There, we signed about 500 pieces of paper, they handed us the keys, and that was that!

That day, we went by and got my mom and the girls, and went over to the house. We walked around and talked about what we were going to do and made some plans. We also took our first of many 2 hour trips to Lowe's. We decided on definite paint colors, and got a sample of the carpet we plan on using.

Yesterday, we got a lot done. After Joe got off work, we met at the house. We worked from 5:30 until 12:30. My friend Jillia and her boyfriend Will came and helped us quite a bit. My cousins and their friends also stopped by. We got most of the wallpaper down, all the lightswitch and outlet covers removed, nail holes patched, tore out the wood paneling above the fireplace, and knocked down the wall in between the kitchen and dining area.

Here's some before pictures. I forgot to take them before we started doing stuff, so there's already some messes and stuff taken down, but you'll get the idea.

living room

living room/dining room





full bath
full bath

master bedroom

master bedroom

half bath
half bath

summer and camryn's room

summer and camryn's room



I felt kind of bad tearing down this paneling, because someone had done a really nice job putting it up, but it had to go.

I highly recommend marrying a handyman.

So today, our plans are to head over there in a few hours. For some reason, someone took out the fence and gate that goes between the house and the fence at the top of the driveway, so Joe is going to put that up today. We need that done so that we can start taking Harley over there with us. We plan on doing quite a bit of painting today as well. Audrey, Jillia, Will, my cousin Rachel, and my parents have all offered their help, so hopefully we can get quite a bit done.

Have a great weekend!


clauren said...

CONGRATS, get ready for a long journey! We bought our house this time last year and we were able to enjoy the summer still! Cass

JC said...

Congrats! Glad you are getting it all fixed up for yourself. Is the girl's playroom staying purple? I love that color!

Jessie said...

Awesome! Lowes will become your favorite store, and I definitely married a handy man too. It saves so much money to do things yourself.

(And we always forget to take before pictures too!)

Crystal said...

congrats on the new house!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so i am finally caught up wtih march :) took me long enough huh? i have had a lot goign on...

so GLAD you got in your house! :) cant wait to see it finished!


Julie said...

Congratulations on getting the house!! At least that part of the process is over! Have a great weekend!

BirdsMama said...

YEAH!! You have been waiting for this for so long it seems!! Enjoy making this house your HOME!!! :)

EmilytheCreative said...

Congrats on being a homeowner!!! Yall seem to have gotten a lot done and with all the help you are getting hopefully it won't be too long until yall are through.

thecavvys said...

YAY! How exciting! I love the colors and cant wait to see it when you guys get all done. Good luck with everything!

Bridgett said...

Congratulations, sweety! What a big life moment!

I can't wait to see the end results. I'm sure they'll be amazing.


Leslie said...

Congrats girly ;) Thats so awesome. I bet you all are so happy after
all you have went thru you finally have your home! The pics were neat ty for sharing. Its such a process to remodel a home but its so worth it in the end. I bet u all got a lot done this weekend. Cant wait to read about it. Hope all is well. Take care :) Leslie

Bernadette said...

How exciting :) Can't wait to see it all come together!

-stephanie- said...

Congrats on the new house. Can't wait to see pictures of how you make it a home. Have fun!

Kameron said...

Congrats! Oh, and I know what you mean. It is invaluable that my hubby can do all of the work around our house. That stuff is expensive if you have to hire someone. Oh and that green in the Master is somethin' isn't it! :o)

Terri said...


My hubby is a handyman too :)

Can't wait to see pics all throughout until finished!

I know it will look great


Tiffany said...

Oh man I hope you keep that horrid barf green color in the master bedroom and the orange in the master bath. LOL. Totally kidding!!!! Looks like a decent place, and I'm sure it's a lot of work ahead of you but I have faith it'll all turn out great in the end! Have fun!!!!!

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