March 24, 2009

House Remodel Days 2-4 and Blogger Meet -and-Greet!

Lovin this weather, today!

We are taking a break from working on the house today. We worked on it Friday and Saturday until 12:30am, Sunday till 9, and yesterday for a few hours. I (with the help of a few friends) got the playroom completely painted on Saturday, and Summer and Camryn's bedroom completely painted Sunday. I love both rooms. The playroom is a really warm, bright yellowish-gold color. Their bedroom is pink on the top, light green on the bottom, with a white chair rail in-between. It is going to match their bed sets that I ordered from

We're going to get them each a twin bed with a white headboard. It should all look great together when I'm done!

Joe has been very busy, knocking down walls, moving electrical stuff, working on putting up the gate outside. Our radon test came back positive too, so he's also having to run a vent up through the wall out out the roof.

On the agenda this week and into the weekend, I have more wallpaper stripping, sanding, mudding, and painting to do. Joe has to get drywall and replace it where it is missing where he tore the wall out, so that we can get the kitchen and dining area ready to paint. He has to finish the gate, and do more electrical work. We took that darn chandelier down, and bought a pretty ceiling fan to go in it's place. He got the dimmer ran and working and then when we switched them out, something happened and the fan won't work now. So we have to figure that out. He also has to run electrical wires to the two smaller bedrooms because neither has an overhead light.

On another note, guess who's coming to Louisville next year. YOU!!!!!!! I am SO excited to announce that Brittany and Bridgett are arranging a Blogger Meet-and Greet and they decided to have it here! Louisville is the perfect central location for most of you.

The Meet N' Greet will be Saturday April 17th 2010- Sunday April 18th, 2010.
You have until February 1st 2010 to RSVP with either Bridgett or Brittany. Here is their info:

Blog: Doug & Boo Plus Two

Blog: Imitation Is Suicide

I really hope that a bunch of you can make it. I would love to have a chance to meet you all in person. I know a lot of us are struggling in this economy, but this should be a fun, cheap get-a-way. Louisville has tons of affordable hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Or you can sleep on my couch if you're broke :-) Hopefully our house will be done and in great shape this time next year, and I can have y'all over for some margaritas. This should be SO fun, please plan on attending!


gomillion and one... said...

Glad to hear that the house is coming alone so great. The stuff for the girls room is so adorable....totally jealous! :)

lmt1073 said...

you should check out

they have some cute stuff that would look adorable in the girls' room!

BirdsMama said...

I love seeing all your progress!! I really love the frogs!! I'm a frog girl myself!! I am def putting the meet and greet on my calendar!! I am so excited!

thecavvys said...

I LOVE the girls bedsets! Im glad the house in coming along and thank goodness for handy men! The meet and greet sounds like a lot of fun too!

carolinagirl said...

Good luck on all the work. It sounds like you guys have made great progress already.

Love the girls' bedding.

I can't wait to see more photos!

Leslie said...

Wow you guys have been busy :) Thats great though it sounds like its all coming along nicely. I am so gald. I love the girls bedding and all the ideas you have for their room & playroom too. Its beautiful hun. Im so glad its all going well for you all. I cant wait to see some pics. The Meet n Greet sounds great it truly does. I would love to meet u, Britt, other ppl from blogger. But most likely i wont be able to go. It would cost money i am pretty sure i wont have. For airfare, hotel, spending money etc. If i went i would want my hubby there too for u all to meet him. That would cost lots, lol. I know its a yr though from now. So maybe i can go. I dont know, lol. I want to go no question. But actually if i can afford to is another story, lol. It sounds like it will be a good turnout though already. Have a good night hun, Leslie

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

thanks so much for the prayers.
luv the comforters

Karen said...

The bedroom and play room sound really cute!! Can't wait to see! So nice Joe's able to do all the work, My hubby's an excellent handy man too and it's saved us so much money!

Julie said...

Love the bedding!!

JC said...

Can't wait to see pics of the finished rooms! So excited for you!!!

clauren said...

Can't wait to see all the home pics, you have great taste! I can't wait for the meet, I'm going for sure! It's only 2-3 hr drive. Hugs, Cass

Missie said...

The joy of owning a home!

Enjoy your day!

~Ann~ said...

The girls new bedroom is going to look awesome! I cant wait to see pics!

Bridgett said...

Hellz yea! Margarita's at Steph's house! :)

I'm pretty excited about this too...I think it's going to be fantastic. And I'll FINALLY get to meet some friends. Yay!

Girl, I LOVE the bedding you chose for the girls. That really is adorable. I wish I could paint the walls here...but living in a rental, it's just not worth the hassle.

I can't wait to see 'after' pictures.

BTW, your husband is REALLY handy! LOL


Emily said...

yeah for the house stuff going soo well.. I cant wait to see the girls rooms with all their new bedding and white headboards that is going to look darling.. cant wait for before and after pics:) and if i lived closer Id be there:)

Chris said...

I really like the font and font spacing that you have used on this blog. I also really like your banner's, and of course will prayer for Kayleigh.

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited to see pics of your progress on the house. I'm a big fan of bright colors especially for kids so I LOVE the bedding you've picked out. Keep us updated on how it's coming!

Tiffany said...

Love the bedding sets for the girls room! Looks like y'all have been pretty busy. :) I'd love to make it to that blogger get together, but with two little ones I'm not so sure it'd work out. Who knows though...maybe it could. ;) I'm keeping the idea in my head.

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