December 30, 2008

A Bit of a Sweet Tooth

***I have been uploading this video all day. Literally, I started uploading it after we ate lunch around 12:30 and it was still uploading when we got back from the mall at 5:30. I gave up on Blogger video and did it on YouTube.***

Click here to see the video.

(1:00pm) - That was a few minutes ago. She did end up eating her cheese toast. I've gotta say the best part of that video was Harley shaking her head no. LOL

I'm almost all better. I still feel pretty drained. No one else in my immediate family has gotten it thank goodness. My aunt Susan and uncle Paul had it the same time I did, and Susan just told me that my aunt Billie has it now. Ugh.

My mom is coming over soon and we're going to get out of the house and take a walk. I may talk to her into going to the mall, too.

I've got some more stuff to post but it can wait. Have a great day :-)


Missie said...

There's no video!

carolinagirl said...

Sooo cute! I have a sweet tooth too so I completely understand!!! :)

Leslie said...

I saw the video, lol, it worked for me, lol Anyhow hun ty for posting. I am loving that you post vlogs too. I have a couple of new ones to post hopefully tomm. I am addicted lol. Yeah it takes forever to upload them on blogger i dont get why. I had trouble on utube too. Thats why i uploaded them on, lol. That video of them was so cute and kind of sad too. I felt bad seeing them cry, "i want cookies, lol" But good job mommy stand your ground, they should have lunch before not cookies for lunch, lol. I went thru the same thing with D so i understand ;) I loved what the dog did, shook his head no, that was funny. Im glad your feeling better too. I hope u had a fun rest of day too hun. ttys, Leslie

Bridgett said...

Oh my! She REALLY wanted those cookies, didn't she? LOL

That was hilarious!

Between Summer trying to sneak the cookies, the dog shaking it's head 'no', and Camryn saying 'cheese'...that was priceless. LOL

Glad you're feeling better, love.


Arriel said...

That video was too cute!! Have a happy new year!!

Mr. and Mrs. Wintz said...

my husband and i was laughing so hard we cried when we saw the video.. you have smart childern and a dog ;)

Rick said...

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Ms.Emily said...

loved the video steph! you really do have your hands full with miss summer...reminds me of olivia. haha

I'm just getting started over here on blogger! trying to find everyone from aol still


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