December 28, 2008

At least it's after Christmas

Oh boy do I hate being sick.

My poor mom finally got better and I guess the little bug needed a new host body.

Last night I was up until 5AM, running between my bed and the toilet. Not fun. I finally stopped getting sick and I've been in bed most of the day, trying to recuperate. I've been able to keep Sprite and Ginger Ale down and I just ate some rice so hopefully the worst is behind me. I really hope Joe and the girls don't get this. Joe never gets sick, so he probably won't.

I'm glad this hit me after Christmas. And before New Year's Eve. I was sick on New Year's Eve a couple years ago, that was no fun. What a way to start the new year, huh?

My back is absolutely killing me. My whole abdominal section is sore from throwing up. I think at this point that's the worst part. I'm about to eat a hard-boiled egg, after that I think I'll lay on the heating pad for a bit.

Enough of this pity party. I'm going to end this and watch Reese Witherspoon's E! THS. I love her.

I hope you all stay well. Wash your hands!!!


EmilytheCreative said...

Ick. I hope you are feeling better ASAP!

JC said...

Sorry to hear you are sick!

Hope you and your family are happy and healthy in the new year!!!

Bridgett said...

Gah! I hate stomach bugs. The only good thing about them is the weight loss involved! Ha!

I truly hope you're feeling much better today.


Brittany said...

i got sick the last day of our vacation. I'm just glad that it was the LAST day and not the first...But it still sucks!
I want to go back to bed....but i have to work BLAH

Leslie said...

Hey sweety :) *hugs* You poor thing. I hope your feeling better today. At least your got it after Christmas but still sucks you got to begin with :( Stomach bugs are NO fun :( I wouldnt wish that on any1 for real. Hopefully ur better today and will be more by New Years. Take car girly, get some rest. Give those cutie girls a hug from us. xo, Leslie

carolinagirl said...

Ugh! I hate stomach bugs worse than anything!!! Feel better soon!

Arriel said...

I hope your feeling better! Being sick and throwing up is the worst!

Debbie said...

We've had the same virus at our house this week. I think our grandson must have had it and passed it on to us. It's no fun at all. I didn't have the throwing up but hubby did my stomach crapped something awful.
I've been meaning to come over and say hi since you added yourself as a follower but it's taken me awhile to get here. Nice to meet you.

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